Louis Vuitton

0843 208 2745

Louis Vuitton was founded nearly 200 years ago in Paris and is now one of the worlds most famous designer brand. You can contact the Louis Vuitton head office by dialling 0843 208 2745.

Louis Vuitton Head Office Connection Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 208 2745 Monday to Friday
Customer Service 0843 208 2746 Monday to Friday
Sales 0843 208 2748 Monday to Friday
HR 0843 208 5632 Monday to Friday
Marketing 0843 208 5633 Monday to Friday
Finance 0843 208 5634 Monday to Friday

Louis Vuitton Head Office – 0843 208 2745

The Louis Vuitton head office is located in Greater London. You can contact the Louis Vuitton head office to hear about the company’s history, policies, legal information, if you need more information regarding a Louis Vuitton employee or you have some alternative corporate questions about Louis Vuitton. You can contact the Louis Vuitton head office by phoning 0843 208 2745 and choosing the most relevant choice from the automatic switchboard recording.

Customer Services – 0843 208 2746

Get in touch with the Louis Vuitton customer services department if you are encountering some problems whilst using the website, you need to locate the closest Louis Vuitton retailer or stockist near you, you need to complain about a negative experience you have had involving Louis Vuitton, you would like to see if an item is in stock in a specific store or you other questions about Louis Vuitton. To contact the Louis Vuitton customer services you can dial 0843 208 2746 and choose the right option for your inquiry.

Sales – 0843 208 2748

You can contact the Louis Vuitton sale department if you are struggling to order an item on the website or if you need some help selecting an item size, colour or product in general and you would like some advice. You can also call the sales team to book an appointment at your local Louis Vuitton store to view a product or to order a product to your home or local store via the phone. If you need to check the stock of an item in any store or you need more information about an item you can also call the sales department. Get in touch with the sales department by telephoning 0843 208 2748 and selecting the most suitable choice for your question or request.

HR – 0843 208 5632

If you are an employee for Louis Vuitton you can call the HR department to discuss an upcoming shift, to inquire about the employee policies or company policies, if you need to discuss your payslip or an issue with your taxes, you need to take some time off or book a holiday, you want to hear about any employee discount, you need to file a complaint concerning a bad experience you had whilst working for Louis Vuitton or you would like to inquire about other things regarding your job. Dial 0843 208 5632 to get in contact with the HR department.

Marketing – 0843 208 5633

You can contact the Louis Vuitton marketing department to discuss possible blogger opportunities, to find out about using their photos or branding, you want to find out more about an ad campaign or you need other information about Louis Vuitton for an article or blog you are writing. You can contact the Louis Vuitton marketing department by phoning 0843 208 5633 and picking the appropriate choice for your question.

Finance – 0843 208 5634

The Louis Vuitton finance department can help if you need to discuss a refund that is being processed, you would like to know the returns policies, you work for Louis Vuitton and need to discuss any issues with your paychecks, taxes/NI or any other financial inquiries. Telephone 0843 208 5634 to contact the Finance department and discuss any of these issues, you can select the relevant choice from the recording.