0843 557 3602

Littlewoods was founded in Merseyside in 1923 by John Moores. By the 1980’s, the company became the largest private company to be owned in Europe. However, as competition grew, the company decreased in price and eventually flopped. The Littlewoods company still exists as part of the Shop Direct Group. Shop Direct is a multi-branded online retailer, which is based in the Merseyside area, much like the original Littlewoods company. To get in touch with the Littlewoods head office dial 0843 557 3602.

Littlewoods Head Office Connection Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 557 3602 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week
Customer Services 0843 596 3090 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week
 Sales 0843 208 5628 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week
 HR 0843 208 5629 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week
 Marketing 0843 208 5630 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week
 Finance 0843 208 5631 8am to 8pm
7 Days a Week

Littlewoods Head Office – 0843 557 3602

The Littlewoods head office is located in Netherton, Bootle in Liverpool. If you are interested in knowing the company’s policies, company history, legal information, employee information or any other information regarding Littlewoods you should get in contact with the Littlewoods head office team on 0843 557 3602, you will be required to select the most suitable option from the automatic message.

Customer Services – 0843 596 3090

You can reach out to the Littlewoods customer services department if you require some help navigating the website, you would like to report a faulty product, you want to hear the returns policies, you would like to check the stock of a product, you are unhappy about an experience with the company or an employee and wish to file a complaint or you have some alternative inquiries. Call a member of the customer services team on 0843 596 3090.

Sales – 0843 208 5628

Call the Littlewoods sales department if you are struggling to order an item online, you are having problems with your online order, an item you have ordered has not been delivered, you would like some more information regarding a products size, colour or material, you would like to order an item via phone call or you any other questions you have. You can contact the sales department by calling 0843 208 5628.

HR – 0843 208 5629

If you are a Littlewood’s employee you should speak to the HR department to discuss the company policies, the employee policies, the companies legal information, you need to book some time off, you would like to know about any employee discounts available, you would like to file a complaint about a negative experience you had at work or any other inquiries for HR. To call the HR department you can dial 0843 208 5629 and choose the relevant choice.

Marketing – 0843 208 5630

You can reach the Littlewoods marketing department if you are writing an article or post regarding Littlewoods and you need a comment from the company, you need to find out more regarding company information or a product line from the company, you need information about an ad campaign, you need to know the policies around using their branding or images or any other information you need. Get in touch with the marketing team on 0843 208 5630 and select the suitable option.

Finance – 0843 208 5631

Call the Littlewoods finance department if you are a previous customer waiting to receive reimbursement for a returned product or bad experience, you can get in touch with the finance department to inquire about when you will be receiving the payment or other information you need about the payment. If you are a Littlewood’s employee and you are having some issues with your wages or taxes etc. you can contact the finance department to discuss any of these financial inquiries. Call the finance team on 0843 208 5631.