• Business Name: Lenovo
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 4564
  • Opening Times: Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm
  • Head Office Address: Lenovo Technology UK LTD, 18 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, RG27 9XA
  • Website: www.lenovo.com

Lenovo Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 4564

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese-American multinational technology company who has headquarters in the Haidan District, Beijing China, and also Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. The company works in designing, developing and manufacturing personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software and smart televisions. Lenovo has been the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales since 2013. The company operates in more than 60 countries and sells its products in around 160 countries. Lenovo founded in Beijing in 1984 as Legend and was later incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988. In 2005 Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business and later agreed to acquire its Intel-based server business in 2014. The company began selling smartphones in 2012 and by 2014 was mainland China’s largest vendor of smartphones. Lenovo acquired the mobile phone handset maker Motorola Mobility in 2014.

Lenovo is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and their revenue as of 2016 was around $44.91 billion. They employ around 60,000 people worldwide.

Lenovo Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 557 4564
Complaints 0844 249 0912
Products 0843 208 5625
Deals 0843 208 5626
Careers 0843 208 5627

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Lenovo Head Office Opening Times

Department Opening Times
Head Office Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm

Lenovo Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Lenovo Technology UK LTD, 18 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, RG27 9XA

Lenovo Head Office Contact Number – 0843 557 4564

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can find your nearest retailer selling Lenovo laptops through calling the Lenovo Head Office Contact Number 0843 557 4564. You can also find these through visiting Lenovo’s website and selecting the ‘Where to Buy’ section. Here you will find options to buy directly from Lenovo, buy online or buy from a reseller. By clicking ‘Buy from a reseller’ you are able to enter what purpose you are buying your product for, what kind of product you are looking for (such as smartphones and tablets), and search for retailers near to your location.

Lenovo’s website advertises their technological achievements, with their Yoga Book – the Red Dot design award winner for 2016 – the Yoga laptop and the new Thinkpad X1 carbon. These, along with advertisements for their Ideapad Y700 and the Ideacentre Y710-cube gaming desktop displays their prowess in technological developments and introduces customers immediately to the products they are proudest of.

All of their products are listed under sections in their ‘Products’ selection, under compartments of laptops; tablets; desktops & all-in-ones; smartphones & watches; workstations; servers, storage & networking; accessories & monitors and services & warranty. This lets customers browse through Lenovo products but also with their search bar narrow their search to specifically what they’re looking for.

Their deals section allows customers to choose from desktop deals, laptop deals, tablet deals, Lenovo gaming and deals for students. This helps customers to find a cheaper price for products they need and is useful for those who cannot afford top-of-the-range.

Laptops and Desktops – 0843 208 5625

Lenovo’s laptop selection seems to be split into four types of developments they’ve made: the Thinkpad which is perfect for portable and productive business; the Ideapad which seems to be modelled as gaming laptops; the Yoga which offers four different modes and is their most flexible laptop; and the Lenovo V Series, their most serious, business appropriate laptop.

All of these developments include multiple variations on the laptops to become more relevant to certain styles – some are more lightweight, others have capacities specific for gaming or business.Lenovo Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 4564

While searching through their laptops it is possible to narrow your search by choosing your desired processor, brand, operating system, colour, price, screen resolution and starting weight.

In the desktops and all-in-ones section, you are offered three sections for professional, home and gaming desktops and all-in-ones. Within the professional section, there are several Thinkcentre options, along with an M Series Tiny. For home desktops there are multiple ranges such as A10 series’, C series and 510S and 610S personal computers, and in the gaming section are the Y900 and Y700 series offering serious gaming opportunities. The desktop section results can be narrowed in the same ways as the laptops, and have prices starting from £379.99.

Any queries about Lenovo’s laptops can be answered by ringing the Lenovo Head Office Contact Number – 0843 208 5625.

Tablets – 0843 208 5625

Lenovo’s tablets range is split into three sections: Android tablets which are backed by the Google App store, Windows tablets for business and entertainment and 2-in-1 laptops – multipurpose and multitouch convertibles. Each of these ranges features tablets for specific use, whether it may be for entertainment purposes such as the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro which features an integrated projector, or for business use like the Yoga Book with Android or Windows, which allows you to make notes on the Halo keyboard which appears and disappears when needed, and also to sketch using a stylus with real ink. This creative take on the tablet allows people to use it for whatever their work may be.

Within the Android range, there are three series to choose from: the Yoga tablet series starting at £199.99, the Lenovo tablets A series which starts at £99.99 and the Yoga Book with Android starting at £449.99.

The Windows tablet range includes a Yoga Book with Windows, with its prices starting at £549.99. The range also features the Ideapad MIIX series, with the prices for this starting at £279.99.

The 2-in-1 laptops selection features seven series to choose from. There are four Yoga series to browse: the Yoga 300 series (£379.99), the Yoga 500 series (£639.99), the Yoga 700 series (£599.99) and the Yoga 900 series (£999.99). All of these series feature flexible Yoga laptops that also function as tablets. Also with these Yoga series is the Thinkpad Yoga selection, which starts at £964.80 and bonds two successful Lenovo laptop series together. The range also includes the Ideapad Mix series which begins at £279.99 and the Thinkpad X series whose prices begin at £1,281.60.

If you have any queries surrounding purchasing a Lenovo tablet, or if you are having trouble with a tablet by Lenovo that you already own, please call the Lenovo Head Office Contact Number at 0843 208 5625 to be put in contact with a colleague who can help you.

Smartphones – 0843 208 5625

Since acquiring Motorola Mobility in 2014, Lenovo now sells ‘Lenovo’ and ‘Moto’ smartphones. With the Lenovo series, offering ‘premium designer smartphones’, the Phab series displaying high-end features at budget-friendly prices and the Moto phones with their Moto Mods offering modifying phone accessories to enhance their phones.

The Lenovo series features the Lenovo A Plus Smartphone which starts at £69.99 and contains all the essentials of an Android smartphone. It also holds the Lenovo B Smartphone with 4G and a quad-core processor for £79.99. These affordable smartphones shock in comparison to the Phab series, including the Phab 2 Pro, the Smartphone Phab 2 Plus and the Phab 2 Smartphone, with prices starting at £499.99 for the luxury smartphones featuring the world’s first Google Tango-enabled device. This phone features the option of champagne gold or gunmetal grey colouring and is advertised in the gold.

The Moto range features eight phones, including the Moto G & G Plus (5th Gen), the Moto G⁴ & G⁴ Plus, and the G⁴ Play. It also holds the Moto Z & Z Play and the Moto E³.

Prices range between the phones, with the Moto E³ starting at £99.99, the Moto G⁴ range starting at £169.99, with the Moto G⁴ Plus starting from £199.99. The range also shows the Moto G⁴ Play starting at £129.99 and the Moto Z range starting from £499.99.

The Moto Mods feature five modifications, including the style shells, the Incipio offGrid™ Power Pack, the Moto JBL Soundboost Speaker, the Hasselblad True Zoom and the Insta-share Projector. All of these products ultimately enhance your experience with your Moto smartphone in whatever function you use it.

If you have any questions about one of Lenovo’s smartphones, please contact the Lenovo Head Office at 0843 208 5625.

Accessories – 0843 208 5625

Along with selling desktops and laptops, Lenovo also sells a wide range of accessories.  Selections of products in the accessories section are: audio; cables & adapters; cases & bags; chargers & batteries; docking; graphic cards; keyboards & mice; memory & storage; privacy & protection; stands, arms & mounts; tablet accessories; Thinkcentre accessories and Thinkpad stacks, as well as monitors for the desktops. Such a wide range of supplies gives Lenovo customers access to enhancements for the Lenovo products they originally owned, creating the ultimate experience for buyers.

Student Deals – 0843 208 5626

Within the Lenovo website there is the option for student deals on their laptops & ultrabooks, desktops & all-in-ones, tablets and smartphones & watches. With this customers have full access to the Lenovo range, and can purchase products at a discounted price after proving they’re students. This gives students access to things they usually need for studying such as laptops and desktop computers, but also allows them to buy themselves treats like a new smartphone and tablets, as well as gaming desktops and laptops.

If you have a query about buying Lenovo products as a student, please call the Lenovo Head Office Contact Number on 0843 557 4564 to be put in touch with a colleague who can help you.

Careers with Lenovo – 0843 208 5627

Careers with Lenovo can be applied for through the careers section of their website at lenovocareers.com. Jobs with Lenovo can be found worldwide, and found in the ‘Locations’ section of the site which will direct you to where jobs for Lenovo are available. With jobs in marketing, corporate teams, technical, sales and Motorola Mobility it is easy to find your niche.

As well as job applications, Lenovo hires around 300 university graduates per year through campus hiring offers in China, the United States, India, Hong Kong and Latin America. They also offer 100 internships each year around the world to talented university students.

Lenovo Women

Lenovo features a section for their job applications called ‘Lenovo Women’ which focuses on hiring women to their enterprise. They state that only 34% of Lenovo employees are women and that it is not acceptable for a company like theirs to not put more attention on gender diversity.

Their multiple presentations and videos argue for more representation of women in their organisation at corporate and senior levels. This argument for female representation encourages women to apply for jobs in their company, helping the company itself as companies with women in their executive committees perform better by 47%.

Searching for jobs in Lenovo allows you to select the application you would like to work in and also the department you would like to work in.

If you have any questions about applying for a job with Lenovo please call the Lenovo Head Office Contact Number at 0843 557 4564 to contact someone who can answer your queries.