0843 557 4564

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese-American multinational technology company. The company works in designing, developing and manufacturing work-related and personal technological devices and IT management software. The company operates in more than 60 countries, selling its products in around 160 countries.  They employ around 60,000 people worldwide. You can get in touch with the Lenovo head office by calling 0843 557 4564.

Lenovo Head Office Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 557 4564 Monday-Friday
Customer Services 0844 249 0912 Monday-Friday
HR 0843 208 5625 Monday-Friday
Marketing 0843 208 5626 Monday-Friday
Finance 0843 208 5627 Monday-Friday

Lenovo Head Office – 0843 557 4564

You can find the Lenovo UK head office in Hook, Hampshire. You should get in touch with the Lenovo head office if you want to hear about Lenovo’s history or policies, Lenovo’s stock exchange, you need to know about their investor relations, you want to find out about the Lenovo Business Partners or some other corporate related questions. You can call the Lenovo head office on 0843 557 4564, select the most appropriate choice from the automatic switchboard recording.

Customer Services – 0844 249 0912

If you are having issues using a Lenovo product, you need to report a bug with a Lenovo device, you need to request a product manual, you need technical help, you need help locating your nearest store or stockist, you want to hear more information regarding a Lenovo product, you need to find out about the returns policies, you need to complain about a faulty product or bad experience, you are interested in the stock of a product or any other inquiries. Contact the Lenovo customer services department by calling 0844 249 0912.

HR – 0843 208 5625

If you work for Lenovo, reach out to the HR department to discuss the company policies, the employee policies such as maternity policies, the companies legal information, you need some time off, you need to report an incident that happened at work or you want to find out about any employee discounts available. You can call the Lenovo HR department on 0843 208 5625 and choose the HR option.

Marketing – 0843 208 5626

Contact the marketing department if you are writing an article regarding or including Lenovo and you need a statement from the company, you require information about the company or a product line, you would like to know about a specific ad campaign (past or present), you are interested in finding out if Lenovo offer any blogger opportunities, you need to know about any image usage policies or you have alternative marketing inquiries. You can communicate with the marketing department by dialling 0843 208 5626 and choosing the marketing department choice.

Finance – 0843 208 5627

The Lenovo finance department is open for you to call regarding a refund or compensation payment for a faulty product, if you want to inquire about when you will be receiving it. Also, you can call if you work for the company and you need to discuss any problems you have had with your wages such as your taxes/NI, your payslips and if you would like to see older payslips or any other financial issues or questions. You can get in touch with the Lenovo finance team by dialling 0843 208 5627 and selecting the most relevant finance choice.