0843 596 1588

Founded in 1886, Ladbrokes is a British-based gambling and betting retailer. They have stores throughout the UK, and also own an online betting site under the same name. Ladbrokes is a public trading company and can be found on the London Stock Exchange. You can call the Ladbrokes head office on 0843 596 1588.

Ladbrokes Head Office Connection Numbers

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 596 1588 9am-6pm,
Monday to Friday
Customer Services 0843 596 1599 9am-6pm,
Monday to Friday
HR 0843 596 2002 9am-6pm,
Monday to Friday
Marketing 0843 596 2036 9am-6pm,
Monday to Friday
Finance 0843 596 2444 9am-6pm,
Monday to Friday

Ladbrokes Head Office – 0843 596 1588

The Ladbrokes head office is found in the London Borough of Harrow. The Ladbrokes head office can be contacted if you have an interest in the company history, the company’s privacy policies, the company’s responsible gambling commitments, the Ladbrokes website terms and conditions, you need information regarding a Ladbrokes employee or you have different corporate queries. To communicate with the Ladbrokes head office you can phone 0843 596 1588 and select the most suitable option from the automated head office switchboard message.

Customer Services – 0843 596 1599

You can talk to the Ladbrokes customer services department if you are having difficulties using the website or services, you want to hear the website terms and conditions, you are having issues with your online account, you wish to know about the different online casino and gaming services, you want to find out more about the sports betting service, you need help locating your local store, you have had a negative experience with Ladbrokes and you wish to report it or you have other general inquiries about Ladbrokes. To contact the customer services dial 0843 596 1599 and select the relevant option.

HR – 0843 596 2002

The HR department is the department to call if you work for Ladbrokes and you need to discuss the employee or company policies (for example the maternity leave policies), you have questions about an upcoming shift, you are having problems with your wages or payslips, you would like to know if they offer employee discounts or you have had experienced a negative encounter whilst at work and feel it necessary to report it or you have other inquiries concerning your job. Call the HR department on 0843 596 2002 and select the relevant HR option.

Marketing – 0843 596 2036

If you are writing a piece of content regarding Ladbrokes you can contact the marketing department regarding an advertisement campaign, the policies surrounding your use of their images or you have other inquiries regarding the company for the article or blog post you’re writing. The marketing department can be contacted by calling 0843 596 2036 and picking the suitable option.

Finance – 0843 596 2444

Call the finance department if you work for Ladbrokes and need to discuss a concern with your salary, taxes/NI or payslips. You should also get into contact with the Ladbrokes finance department if you are waiting for a payment for a negative experience payout or a refund, you can call to find out information about the payment such as when it is due to be transferred, Call the finance department on 0843 596 2444.