0845 753 2532

Contact the KFC head office on 0845 753 2532 to find out about their menu, to locate your nearest store or to make a complaint.

KFC Contact Numbers

KFC Number
Head Office 0845 753 2532
Customer Services 0844 826 8021
Complaints 0844 248 2062
KFC Stores  0844 248 2063
KFC Food  0844 248 2064
KFC Jobs  0844 248 2065

Head Office

Dialling 0845 753 2532 will take you through to the main office at KFC UK. Because it is made up of a few different departments, you will be put through to a switchboard where you can press the relevant number depending on your reason for calling. Press 1) to make a complaint about your local store, 2) to see if your area is eligible for KFC delivery 3) for nutritional information and 4) for lost property. To speak directly with a member of the KFC team about something else not listed, please press 0).

Customer Services

When you dial 0844 826 8021 you will need to state your local area to the switchboard so that you can be transferred through to the customer service department of your local KFC restaurant. Once you are speaking with the relevant team, you can discuss whatever you need to – whether that be a general question about the brand, an issue with service or even just to find out what KFC’s are in your area. Please state any improvements that you think KFC can make to both their brand and individual restaurants.


Complaining to KFC is a simple process  – simply dial 0844 248 2062 and within a matter of minutes you will be put through to a professional who can deal with any issues you might have. If your complaint is minor or easily solved then it should be resolved there and then – if it is escalated the complaints handler will explain the process and tell you the next steps of action.

KFC Stores

Calling  0844 248 2063 will see that you are informed of all the KFC restaurants that are in your area. Simply state your location and the operator will give you directions to your nearest one.

KFC Food

Dial  0844 248 2064 and press 1) for nutritional and allergen information, 2) for the menu in your local KFC 3) for recipes, 4) for complaints about your food and 5) to place an order for delivery (please note that not every KFC will deliver to every area so it is worth checking before you place your order).

KFC Jobs

You can call 0844 248 2065 to find out about all of the vacancies available at KFC. When you call the number you can speak directly with a member of the KFC recruitment team. You can request what is available in your area in terms of work and you can also ask about the online questionnaire that all applicants are expected to pass when submitting their applications. The recruitment team can explain things such as how many questions you need to answer and how long you have to answer each one.

Other ways to contact KFC

If you don’t want to contact KFC over the phone, you can also send a message to their Twitter or fill out their online enquiry form. A member of the KFC team will aim to get back to you within five working days.