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The Home Office exists as a governmental body in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its main responsibilities are immigration, security, and general law and order.

 Home Office Contact Number:

Home Office Phone Number
Head Office  0844 453 0225
Home Office Complaints 0843 557 3417
Customer Services  0843 557 5161

Home Office Contact Line Operating Hours

Branch Operational Times
Home Office Contact Line 8:30am-11:30pm, any day

Home Office Central Postal Address

Department Address
Home Office Home Office
2 Marsham Street

Why should I contact the Home Office Contact Line?

        • I need to make enquiries into what the Home Office does
        • I would like to check the progress of my visa application
        • I am worried about the length of time my Visa is taking to get to me
        • I would like to alter the information or documents I have submitted
        • I want to change my visa documents
        • I need to make a complaint at the conduct of the Home Office staff or its procedures

What are the Home Office Immigration rules?
How do I request a DBS check from the Home Office?
What is the Home Office address?
How can I track my passport?
How can I track my UK Visa?

Apply for a UK Visa

Before you apply for a UK Visa, we advise checking the government web page regarding eligibility. You should also check to see which visa is the most tailored to you before you fill in any application form. You can see the full list of Visas available to you on the Home Office government website. If you would like to live and work in the UK and have a family with you, you may qualify for a family visa, or working Visa which allows you to travel to the UK to work.
Before booking, have handy with you your preferred payment method. Prices for different visas vary in price, and you should expect to pay anything between £70 and £700.
Once you have found out which UK visa is the most suited to you, you must have an account on the visa website. Once you have done this you can save your details and use your login to check the status of your visa. Depending on where you live in the world, a visa can take from two weeks to 30 days to arrive to you.

DBS Check

The Disclosure and Barring service replaced the Criminal Records Bureau and allows for employers to make informed decisions about who they could be hiring. Initially, it protects their rights, as well the rights of the people they supply or work with.
The DBS check works by checking past criminal records and deciding whether they should be placed or removed from the barred list. You can only request a DBS check for potential employees if you are a registered employer, and if the individual is older than 16. To find out more about the DBS eligibility, visit the Home Office government website.

Transport Security

The Home Office works with transport services across the UK to provide the public with safer transport services. The Home Office also create all of the legislation regarding the transportation of dangerous goods such as nuclear waste. For more information on the transport security provided by the Home Office, visit the government web page or call the contact line on this page. It can connect you to a professional executive at the Home Office, who can process your request accordingly.

Apply for a new passport

Home Office Contact NumberIf you need to apply for a new, or if you need to renew+ passport with the Home Office, you can do so on the dedicated government website. If you are registering a child for the first time and need to order a passport for them, you can also do so on the government website. The price range for different passports can be between £40 and £100. Please have your preferred payment method handy when applying for a passport.


What are the Home Office Immigration rules?

The full collection of Immigration rules and regulations on the government website. You will also find information on applying for a visa on this page. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can simply call the Home Office contact number found at multiple instances on this page, which will connect you without hassle to the Home Office, where you can aask your questions directly and receive direct answers.

How do I request a DBS check from the Home Office?

You can request a DBS check from the Home Office if you are a registered employee. For guidance on how to request a DBS check, call the hotline or visit the government DBS guidance site. You can also find guidance on the site about registering your company with the Home Office.

What is the Home Office address?

If you would like to write to the Home Office, you can do so by addressing your mail to the address below. Someone from the Home Office customer service team should be in contact with you within two weeks of your letter being received.

Home Office
2 Marsham Street

How can I track my passport?

You can track your passport online using this service. If you are having trouble logging into your account, call the customer service line (or citizen service line, I suppose, since you’re not a customer of the government at this point in the evolution of the UK governmental system) and the helpful staff on the other end will give you a hand.

How can I track my UK Visa?

If you would like to track your visa, we advise that you first check the delivery times for your country. If the waiting period has passed, you shouldn’t wait another moment – don’t panic, but time may be short. Our advice is to call the customer service line found on this very web page and make clear your issues. The Home Office may be able to track your visa for you.

About the Home Office

The Home Office is a department of the UK government. It was formerly responsible for Prison and Probation services, however, this has now shifted and the department now heads Immigration and security issues. The Home Office is headed by the Home secretary, and supported by the senior civil servant.

Below is a youtube video released by the Home Office explaining UK Customs Information:

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