Greggs Head Office

Greggs store front

Greggs Connection Numbers

Department  Number
Head Office 0844 826 8004
Customer Services 0843 208 2403
Careers 0843 2082 404
Greggs Menu  0843 816 6109
Greggs Offers  0843 816 6112
Greggs Rewards  0843 816 6113

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Greggs Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head office Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm

Greggs head office address:

Department Address
Head office Greggs plc
Greggs House
Quorum Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 8BU

About Greggs

Greggs started out at humble beginnings, seventy five years ago when J0hn Gregg owned a pushbike that delivered bakery products to local families. With the first chain opening in Newcastle, Greggs is now the UK’s most popular bakery, selling fresh, popular products everyday. The original Greggs was established on Gosforth high street and is still there today. As the stores have developed (free wifi is now available in every Greggs store) so has the food, with calories of everything provided, and nothing artificial going into its produce. Greggs stocks a range of tasty treats including pies, pasties, sausage rolls and pizza slices, as well as the sweeter options of cakes, pastries and iced buns. There are now over 1,700 Greggs bakeries in the UK and over 20,000 staff. They pride themselves on doing good in society such as helping out charities and providing breakfast clubs for local schools.

Greggs Head Office – 0844 826 8004

The Greggs head office can be found in Greggs House, which is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Here, you will find all of the important departments that make up the company, such as HR, finance, senior management, marketing and PR. If you wish to escalate a formal complaint that you feel hasn’t been resolved properly, you can do so by writing to Greggs using the address in the table.

Greggs Customer Service – 0843 208 2403

If you need to contact Greggs customer service with a question or complaint, there are a number of ways that you can do this. The first way is to call the contact number above, where you will be transferred to a customer service representative who can help you with your query or complaint. The second way is to contact Greggs through their social media channels – they are particularly active on Twitter, so this may be a quicker way to have your question answered or your issue resolved. Lastly, you can put your complaint in writing by filling out the Greggs contact form.

Greggs Menu –  0843 816 6109

The Greggs menu is varied. For breakfast, you will find a range of options such as a bacon or sausage sandwich, served with tea or coffee. Greggs bakes are perhaps the most popular menu item, and they are available in a variety of different flavours such as the steak bake, sausage, bean and cheese melt or cheese and onion. You can also get sweet snacks like iced buns, donuts and sandwich cakes. Ther eis also a range of cold sandwiches made with fresh Greggs bread. If you’re looking for a healthier option, there are salads, pasta and soup available.

Careers at Greggs – 0843 2082 404

Greggs has been named as one of the happiest places to work, and each member of staff gets a fair amount of holidays as well as a Greggs discount card. To apply for a job at Greggs you can visit the Greggs career page to not only apply for a job but learn about the Greggs community as well as hear from some of the people that currently work in the bakery. There are many different sectors which offer jobs at Greggs, depending on your interests and experience. Apply from management positions, to retail to working behind the scenes in the bakery. Simply go online to the Greggs website and search for an available vacancy or call the had office contact number if you are unsure of what you are looking for. Please note that when vacancies are open, it is important to be quick in applying for them as they may close if they receive a large volume of applications.

Greggs Offers –  0843 816 6112

Greggs has a menu that is available online if you want to view it before you visit a store. Their menu can change depending on the season, for example around Christmas time there is a turkey and stuffing bake. A new and popular addition to the Greggs menu is the philly steak lattice which sits alongside other traditional choices such as the sausage and bean pasty or the steak bake. Offers include meal deals and at the moment a free coffee if you download the Greggs app. If you want to make a visit to Greggs but are not sure of the seasonal offers available with the menu, call the head office contact number to be updated with Greggs yummy seasonal offerings.

Greggs Rewards – 0843 816 6113

Greggs has recently built a mobile app that is available to download for free. With it, you can get access to the Greggs rewards system that offers rewards every time you shop there, scanning your phone in store. Benefits the app brings to its users include free coffee system (buy 7 get your eighth free) as well as well as treats on your birthday and the chance to win cash after being entered into a prize draw every month. You can also receive the VIP treatment by getting exclusive tastes of new and tasty treats. Downloading the ‘rewards’ app onto your iPhone or Android is simple and free, but if you have any issues with using it don’t hesitate to call the head office. The app allows you to pay however you like, you can either pay by card or you can pay through the app using Paypal. Topping up with Paypal can be beneficial in that is allows you to reap even more benefits including a free lunch on Greggs. You can also log into your Greggs rewards account online or even sign up to Greggs rewards using their website. Don’t forget to scan the Greggs app every time you shop!

Frequently Asked Questions about Greggs:

“Do Greggs make cakes to order?”

No, unfortunately Greggs do not make cakes to order but have a great range of sweet treats ready made for you to choose from, including chocolate donuts, cookies and their famous sugary yum yums. You can always call the head office contact number to see what sweet treats are available in your local store.

“What time do Greggs stop serving breakfast?”

Greggs have a large selection of breakfast items from original and flavoured porridge, bacon and egg baguettes and sausage balms, as well as pastries for those with a morning sweet tooth! Vegetarian options on the breakfast are new additions to the menu and include egg baguettes and balms, as well as a range of breakfast hot drinks. Breakfast is served until 11am across the country.

“Where is the nutritional and allergen info at Greggs?”

As previously mentioned, you can view the full Greggs menu online, where all of the nutritional and allergen information is displayed. There is also allergen and nutritional information displayed in store for every product available. You can also ask one of your servers if you have any allergies. The leaflets that are provided in stores with nutritional information are for the majority of stores and there is a chance the recipe could have varied in the store you are visiting. Also please note that due to the way Greggs products are made and transported, they cannot as a company guarantee that cross-contamination does not occur, particularly in the transportation process. If you have any doubts about any of the allergens in Greggs products, please do not hesitate to call the head office and they will reassure you.

“Do Greggs have a Halal menu?”

Greggs do supply meat that is in compliance with Halal law, however they cannot label themselves as Halal providers because they do not take the necessary precautions to separate their meat in store or in their bakeries.