Expedia Head Office Contact Number

Expedia is a travel website run and owned by Expedia Inc. Expedia can be used to book flights, hotels, city breaks and car hire.

Expedia Connection Number

Expedia Number
Expedia Head Office  0844 453 0252
Expedia Complaints  0844 453 0252
Expedia Customer Pacification Department  0844 453 0252

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Expedia departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Expedia Customer Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, every day

Expedia Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Expedia Central Office Expedia
Angel Building
407 St John Street

Possible Rationalisations for Contacting the Expedia Head Office Number:

        • Expedia duped me! I want to make a complaint!
        • Expedia have generally provided a sub-par experience! I want to make a complaint!
        • I’ve got a few questions about my upcoming Experia booking!
        • I’ve received an unexpected or incorrect charge from Expedia! This wasn’t me!
        • I need to make an alteration to my Expedia booking
        • I need to cancel my plans
        • I am unsatisfied with the Expedia experience and shall be making a complaint forthwith!

Who owns Expedia?
What is Expedia+?
When is your card charged with Expedia?
What is the Expedia cancellation policy?
Where is the Expedia Head Office?

Expedia Travel Deals

With Expedia, you can search for flights, hotels, a combination of the two, as well as car hire for your trip. Expedia looks through all available flights and hotels in order to give you the best deals for your upcoming trip. You can narrow your search down to certain dates, as well as certain destinations. Expedia have travel deals for all over the world, simply type in your destination and click search, from there, you will see all of the deals available to you.

Expedia City Breaks

With Expedia, you can also book city breaks. Are you thinking of taking a weekend away to Paris? Maybe Barcelona? Expedia has some great deals on cities all across the world. Simply type in your destination and your preferred dates, and watch the deals load. On their city breaks page, you will find a range of current deals for cities all over the world – this could be 3 nights in New York including flights and accommodation. We recommend thoroughly checking this section of the website before committing to one deal.

Cheap Holiday Deals with Expedia

Expedia Head Office Contact NumberOn their cheap deals web page, you will find a number of cheap holiday deals catered to you. Simply search your preferred dates and destinations and wait for the deals to load. On this page, you will also find articles on which destinations are popular at the moment, as well as tips on what to do on your upcoming holidays.

Last Minute Deals with Expedia

The Last Minute Deals page with Expedia explores all of their current last minutes offers available to you. This could be a flight from Edinburgh to Sydney, or an entire last minute holiday deal under £500. On this page, you can also explore last minute deals to specific destinations. Simply type in your specifications and wait for your deals to load.

Expedia Holiday Rentals

With Expedia you can also book holiday rentals for longer stays, or if you have already booked your flights and need to find a low-cost rental for your stay. You can also book holiday rental cottages in the UK. Simply type in your dates and preferred destinations, and Expedia will load all of the deals available to you.

Extras with Expedia

Expedia also has a section on their website dedicated to showing you all of the things you can do on your trip. The things to do page will also let you know how much certain activities are in your destination of choice. If you are hungry for forbidden knowledge on a certain city or destination, call the listed series of telephone digits to be connected quickly and expediantly (see what I did there) to the Expedia customer service executives.


Who owns Expedia?

Expedia is owned by Expedia Inc. Expedia Inc is the American parent company of Hotels.com, Trivago, and Hotwire.com as well as many others. The company has over 10 000 partners, which is how they accumulate so many deals on their affiliated websites.

What is Expedia+?

Expedia+ is an exclusive member-only experience. If you sign up for Expedia+ you will gain access to exclusive deals, special offers, personalised deals based on your past bookings with Expedia. You also earn points when booking with Expedia, meaning that you can spend them once you have earned enough. If you join today, you will earn points for your bookings immediately. For more information on becoming an Expedia+ member, don’t pause for a second, don’t worry about it, don’t even think, just come on down, just call the number listed above on this here page! The team there will be happy to talk to you.

When is your card charged with Expedia?

Depending on your card type and the company you have booked your trip with through Expedia, your card may be charged on a different day to when you first booked. You should receive an email regarding all payment information after you have booked your trip with Expedia. If you have yet to receive this email, our professional opinion would be to recommend calling the number on this page and talking to Expedia’s excellent, really great, just the best team.

What is the Expedia cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an upcoming trip with Expedia, you will need to refer to your terms and conditions. For the full cancellation policy set out by Expedia, head over to their cancellation page.

What’s the geotemporal location of the Expedia Head Office?

Want to write a letter to the Expedia Head Office? You can! Their address is:

Angel Building
407 St John Street

About Expedia

Expedia is a travel website owned by Expedia Inc. The company work with other 10 000 airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies to bring their customers the best and up to date deals. The company also offer destination guides, city break deals, last minute deals, and holiday rentals under the same name. Simply type in the name and dates into Expedia, and you will soon see a list of deals catered to you.

Below is a trailer for the Expedia youtube account, which showcases videos on certain destinations around the world. For more information on Expedia, you can search online, or let Expedia do the work for you and simply enjoy the accumulated knowledge of their expert team by calling the customer care number.

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