Estee Lauder

0843 208 1503

Contact the head office of Estee Lauder on 0843 208 1503 to discuss their cosmetic products and find out where your nearest Estee Lauder store or make up counter is located.

Estee Lauder Contact Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 208 1503
Customer Services 0843 290 7218
HR 0843 208 5000
Complaints 0843 208 5001
Recruitment 0843 208 5002
Payroll 0843 208 5003

Head Office

You can reach Estee Lauder’s head office by dialling 0843 208 1503 and pressing 1) for product and allergen information, 2) for policies on returns and exchanges, 3) to make a complaint about a product and 4) to speak to an operator about something that doesn’t concern any of the above.

Customer Services

To reach the customer service team of Estee Lauder please dial 0843 290 7218 and state your name and reason for calling. The customer service team is home to people who are fully trained in Estee Lauder products and so this number is useful if you would like information such as how a product is made or what ingredients a product contains. You can even ask how to use a product or what products work best together  – whatever your reason for contacting customer services, your call will be received by a professional who can look into any unanswered questions you might have.


If you are working for Estee Lauder and need to get in contact with the Human Resources department then please dial 0843 208 5000. The number is easy to use and will ask you to press 1) to discuss your current role at Estee Lauder, 2) to discuss any progression opportunities that might be available to you, 3) to get confirmation of a holiday you have requested, 4) to discuss sick pay or maternity leave and 5) to hand in your notice/resign from a position. When the switchboard transfers you to the department that you have requested to speak with, please state your full name, the Estee Lauder branch in which you work and your current job role.


Call 0843 208 5001 to contact the Estee Lauder complaints department. To ensure that your complaint is dealt with by the correct handler, please press 1) for product complaints, 2) for customer service complaints, 3) for delivery complaints and 5) to raise a concern about anything else. Your complaint should be resolved there and then on the same day but if it needs to be escalated, the call operator will explain the process your complaint is going to go through and ask you to leave your contact details so that you can be contacted in four working days time.


To find out what positions are available to you at Estee Lauder please call 0843 208 5002. There are so many different roles and opportunities to be discovered at Estee Lauder so to ensure you find something suited to you, the number will take you to an automated menu where you can press 1) for customer service jobs at Estee Lauder 2) for make up artist positions 3) to be a member of the marketing and advertising team 4) to join the buying department and 5) to work in the Estee Lauder warehouse (packer, delivery driver etc). Once you have selected your field, a member of the careers team will be on hand to help you apply quickly and easily.


For Payroll concerns, please call 0843 208 5003. Instead of a switchboard, a team member will answer directly so you can discuss any concerns that you might have regarding pay confidently and securely.

Other ways to contact Estee Lauder

You can send a letter to the Estee Lauder head office or chat live over Facebook Messenger.