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Claims 0844 248 2557
Head Office 0843 557 3753
Late Payments 0844 248 2557

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Head Office 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ

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Monday- Friday 8am-6pm
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About ESA

If you are ill or disabled there is help out there in the form of the ESA benefit. ESA stands for Employment and Support Allowance and has replaced the previously known Incapacity Benefit. The benefit aims at helping people back to work despite their disability. ESA was first established in 2008 and since then there have been criticisms about how the government have gone about testing eligibility, claiming that the Work Capability Assessment can be inaccurate and carried out in an inappropriate manner. ESA provides both financial support for those that can’t work and financial support to help those that can work if they are able to. Those that have previously claimed Income Support or Incapacity Benefit can expect to be moved over to ESA. If you are unable to work due to illness but are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay then you may not be entitled to ESA.

Reasons to call the ESA Head Office

  • I need to rearrange my Work Capability Assessment
  • I want to make a complaint about the ESA service
  • I have not received my ESA
  • I haven’t paid sufficient National Insurance contributions – am I still entitled to ESA?
  • I think I have been overpaid ESA
  • I think I have been underpaid ESA
  • I have started working and need to inform ESA
  • I have tried to contact ESA in the past and have been unsuccessful
  • I want to locate my nearest job centre
  • I want to apply for ESA
  • I want to know more information about the Work Capability Assessment process

Claiming ESA Benefit

Applying for Employment and Support Allowance is not a difficult process and the quickest way to go about it is by phone. The ESA head office will happily connect you to the relevant department, depending on the type of ESA that you are applying for. When you make a claim you will need to have a number of things to hand. This includes; your National Insurance Number, a medical certificate, landlord or mortgage details, council tax bill, details of your bank account, any contact numbers you have (home and mobile) and the details of your GP’s surgery. You will also need the full details of anything that you are claiming at the minute such as sick pay or any other benefits. Once your claim has been entered you will need to allow for time for a decision to be made. If you disagree with a decision once it has been reached, you can appeal it to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. If you already claim Incapacity Benefit you will need to be transferred over to ESA – the same goes with any other Income Support you might receive due to illness or disability. If you are due to transfer over, don’t worry, this will be done automatically and there will be no breaks in the payments you receive. If the benefit you currently receive pays a lower amount than ESA then your payments will automatically increase as soon as you are transferred over to ESA. If you receive more in the previous benefit and are going to suffer a drop in payment once you move over to ESA, then you will receive a top-up payment so that you continue to receive the same amount. If you have calculated your payments (there is a benefit calculator available on the Government website) and think you are being paid inESA eligibility correctly, then please call the ESA head office.

ESA Payments

Employment and Support Allowance is designed to be a payment that you can live off if you cannot otherwise work, or need additional support. For 13 weeks after your claim, you can expect to receive the assessment rate which can be up to £57.90 a week if you are under the age of 25 and £73.10 a week if you are over 25. Whilst you are being assessed and your claim being looked over, a decision will be made as to whether you will fall into one of two categories; the work-related activity group where you will receive up to £102.15 a week or the support group where you are entitled to £109.30 per week. If you fall into the support group, there are also other payments that you may be entitled to such as the enhanced disability premium (£15.75) and the severe disability premium (£61.85 per week). If your assessment is taking longer than 13 weeks, please call the contact number for information about what you are entitled to because it may be that your claim is backdated to the 14th week. If you are placed in the work-related activity group, you will be required to attend regular meetings with your adviser where you can discuss things such as job prospects and skills. If you are in the support group category, you will not be required to attend interviews but you can still have the help of an adviser, should you wish. People are only usually placed in this category if their disability severely limits their day to day life and what they can do. Please note that if you don’t attend interviews and meetings when required you are at risk of your benefits being sanctioned. Call the contact number if you have been sanctioned and you are unsure why.

ESA Eligibility

You are entitled to ESA if your illness or disability affects how you can work, plus if you are under state pension age and not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay or currently receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance.If you want to know if you are eligible, the best thing to do is apply and undergo the Work Capability Assessment. If you pass this, you will begin receiving payments but if you don’t you are unfortunately not entitled to anything. Repeat claims when the outcome was negative the first time are rarely successful unless your current situation is a lot worse than when you first applied, but if you do really feel like you should be entitled to something, please call the head office to discuss your options. When you are due for an assessment you will receive a letter explaining where your Work Capability Assessment will take place and a date and time for this. If you can’t make the appointment you have been given you need to call the ESA head office contact number as soon as possible to arrange a new one. If you start work whilst on ESA and you are earning over £20 per week, this is likely to affect how much ESA you are currently getting so you need to alert the DWP as soon as possible to your change in circumstance.

ESA Claim Form

The Employment and Support Allowance claim form is available to download as a PDF from the Government website. There are different types of forms, one that can be filled in online and then printed and one that can be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand. There is also one available for Welsh speakers.