0844 375 3137

Easyjet had humble beginnings in 1995, as two aircraft flying between Luton and Glasgow. Today, the company remains rooted in its birthplace, Luton Airport, but has 24 bases across the UK and Europe, and over 100 routes covering a huge network of cities. To contact the Easyjet Head Office Contact Number, call 0844 375 3137.

Easyjet Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Easyjet Head Office Contact Number 0844 375 3137 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Complaints Department 0844 248 3693 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Easyjet Check In Helpline 0844 248 3694 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Ticket Services 0844 826 8025 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Compensaton & Claims 0844 453 0232  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
HR 0844 248 3696  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm

Easyjet Head Office Contact Number

In order to contact the Easyjet Head Office Contact Number, call 0844 375 3137. From this contact number, you can access a range of departments, all of which are equipped to deal with your query. If you are enquiring about Air Berlin, you can press 1 and someone will immediately take your call. This line should be used if you are an Air Berlin customer who would like to inquire about their ticket or refund. For other enquiries, you will have to wait until you hear the next automated message. Once you have done so, you can choose from options to book, change a booking, claim compensation, make a complaint or enquire about lost bags. If you wait until after this automated messaged, you will be connected to a member of the Easyjet Head Office team.

1 air berlin

hold line for enquiries

1 booking

2 change or cancel

3 claim compensation

4 complaints

5 lost or damaged bags

6 – head office

Complaints Department

In order to make a complaint to a member of the Easyjet complaints department, you will need to call 0844 248 3693. Once you have heard the first automated message, you will hear the second list of options. If you press 4 once this message has played, you will be put through to a member of the complaints department who can help you further. To claim compensation, call the Compensations & Claims line, the number for which can be found at the table at the top of this table.

Easyjet Check In Helpline

Easyjet’s recommended check-in method is online check-in, which can be done by going to the Easyjet website. When you buy your tickets online you’ll be able to use your passport information to fill out the pass, which you then simply need to print and take with you.If you’d rather a traditional check-in, you can still do that at the airport.

If you need to change anything about your booking, you can do it online or over the phone – but please note, if you call to make a change and that change could have been made on the official website, you will be charged a £10 administrative fee. Call 0844 248 3694 and wait for the second automated message to play. This will give you a list of departments to choose from, pressing 1 will put you through to someone who can help you further.

Ticket Services

To make a booking over the phone, call 0844 826 8025 and wait for the automated messaged to play. After this, stay on the phone and another list of options will sound. Pressing 1 will take you to the booking helpline, someone will be able to help you further from here.

Compensations & Claims

If you have experienced a long delay and would like to speak with a member of the compensation & claims team, you will need to call 0844 453 0232. Once the second automated message has played, you will need to press 3. This will connect you directly to someone from the team.


In order to contact someone from the HR team, you will need to call 0844 248 3696 and wait through the automated messages, then you will be put through to a member of the Head Office HR team.