easyJet Head Office Contact Number

Easyjet had humble beginnings in 1995, as two aircraft flying between Luton and Glasgow. Originally, they were rented, rather than owned by the company, but one year later, enough had been saved for an aeroplane that the company owned outright. Since then, their expansion has been dramatic.

Today, the company remains rooted in its birthplace, Luton Airport, but has 24 bases across the UK and Europe, and over 100 routes covering a huge network of cities.

Easyjet currently travels to 134 different vibrant destinations and had a total net income of £548 million in 2015 – the same year they carried 65 million passengers, making them the second most popular airline in Europe behind their perpetual rivals Ryanair.

Easyjet Connection Numbers:

Easyjet Number
Easyjet Head Office 0844 453 0232
Easyjet Complaints Procedure 0844 375 3137
Easyjet Flights 0844 826 8025
Easyjet Check In 0844 453 0232
Easyjet Ticket Services 0844 826 8025

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Easyjet departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Easyjet Head Office 0844 453 0232

This number above is available from 9am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday, every week, so if you’re calling during the week you’ll be able to get through to the customer relations teams quickly and easily. As a dedicated department within the head office, they have access to all the information and authority to resolve customer issues satisfactorily, and as head office staff, they can effortlessly trasnfer you through the ranks to relevant staff if they prove unable to help you. Simply internally transferring to other head office staff will find you a staff member with either the information or the authority to help you.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes a phone call isn’t the best way to get in touch large companies, and in some circumstances, es alternative contact methods may prove the wiser choice – in these circumstances, email or post may be your best bet. You can find the Head Office address for EasyJet at the top of the page.

The Easyjet Head Office Address

If you’re a more old-fashioned, pen and paper sort of person, or if you simply need to send physical documents to Easyjet, you can do so by using the Easyjet Head Office Address:

London Luton Airport
Bedfordshire, UK

Easyjet Complaints Procedure 0844 375 3137

If you are forced to make a complaint as a result of a disruption to flights – ie your flight being delayed or cancelled outright – you will be entitled to expenses or financial compensation from easyjet. If you’ve made your official claim for lost time and money but still wish to complain on principal or as the result of shoddy handling, you can do so by calling the Easyjet head office and asking for the complaints department – the number is 0844 453 0232. Make sure to include your booking reference in the complaint.

You will have your details taken to ensure the complaint is handled correctly and you are kept in the loop, and the first use of them will be in your confirmation email, which you’ll receive immediately after you submit your complaint. Further information may be required, so keep your eye on your inbox! Easyjet aims to resolve any complaint within 10 days, and the end result will go one of two ways: outright rejection, or acceptance.

If Easyjet accepts the complaint, they will outline either their upcoming work to fix the issue or their promise of action on the problem.Easyjet Complaints Department

The Easyjet complaints department operates as a semi-autonomous branch of their head office, found in Luton Airport. The complaints team has enough flexibility to take independent action on a problem, but are closely integrated with the Luton head office to provide easier access to high-authority individuals and members of staff who can resolve more difficult issues.

Easyjet Flights 0844 826 8025

EasyJet is one of the farthest-reaching airlines in the UK, with a huge range of destinations across the world, including Paris, Belfast, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Dublin and Dubai.

Easyjet Check In 0844 453 0232

Easyjet’s recommended check-in method is online check-in, which can be done by going to the Easyjet website. When you buy your tickets online you’ll be able to use your passport information to fill out the pass, which you then simply need to print and take with you.

If you’d rather a traditional check-in, you can still do that at the airport.

If you need to change anything about your booking, you can do it online or over the phone – but please note, if you call to make a change and that change could have been made on the official website, you will be charged a £10 administrative fee.Easyjet head office phone line

Easyjet Ticket Services 0844 826 8025

If you specifically book extra legroom or an up-front seat, you will automatically have Speedy Boarding added to your ticket. Speedy Boarding entitles you to use the priority check-in desk when checking in at the airport and allows you to be one of the first onto the plane.

Both the flights and the holidays are protected by ATOL. In the event of catastrophic company failure, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday safe in the knowledge that ATOL will get you back home for no extra cost.

The cost of hold baggage changes depending on the time of your payment. Paying ahead of time online costs anywhere between £12 and £22. If you try to pay at the airport, it will cost £32, and at the boarding gate, £45. Sometimes on a particularly crammed flight, the company will offer to put your cabin baggage in the hold for no extra cost.