0843 557 4561

If you need to contact Domino’s then you can reach their head office address using 0843 557 4561. Here, you can ask for nutritional information, enquire about the delivery process and make a complaint.

Domino’s Contact Numbers:

Domino’s Number
Head Office 0843 557 4561
Customer Service 0843 208 2326
Marketing 0843 208 2327
HR 0844 248 2073
Recruitment 0844 248 2074
Payroll 0844 248 2076

Head Office

The number  0843 557 4561 will connect you straight to the Domino’s head office who’s contact number is run by an automated switchboard. You will be asked to press 1) for delivery and collection 2) for nutritional information, 3) to make a complaint about Domino’s food or service 4) to locate your nearest Domino’s 5) for assistance using the Domino’s online order form or app. If you have any other issues that may concern the Domino’s head office then please press 0 and state your full name and reason for calling.

Customer Service

To contact Domino’s customer services, please call 0843 208 2326 and state your location. You can then be transferred through to the customer service department where you can speak directly to a member of the team. The customer service number can be used to ask any questions you have about the Domino’s menu, to make a complaint about a delivery driver and even to ask how long you can expect to wait for your order. If you find that you have been waiting longer than acceptable for your food, please give full details of your order including what you ordered, your address and how long you have been waiting. The call handler will track your order for you and offer a refund or discount where applicable.


Domino’s aim to be fun and innovative with their brand and their marketing team work hard in producing great campaigns for Domino’s with offers and discounts which include their famous and excellent value Two for Tuesdays. To speak directly with a Domino’s marketing professional, call 0843 208 2327. This number can be used by anyone, whether you wish to complain about a Domino’s marketing campaign, are a journalist looking to re-use some of Domino’s copyrighted images or want to work with the Domino’s marketing team.


Work for Domino’s? Contact their HR department quickly and easily by calling 0844 248 2073. There are a number of things that you can discuss with Domino’s HR department and so an automated menu will tell you to press 1) for tax codes 2) to book a holiday 3) to discuss maternity leave or other absences 4) to discuss your current position  at Domino’s and 5) to enquire about promotions and pay rises. Please state your full name and role once you are connected to an operator.


For recruitment opportunities at Domino’s please call  0844 248 2074 and press 1) for customer service positions in a Domin’s store, 2) for chef and kitchen positions, 3) for delivery driver opportunities and 4) to join the Domino’s head office team. You can also view opportunities and job positions at Domino’s on their careers page. 


If you are already working for Domino’s and have a question about pay, then you can call the payroll line on 0844 248 2076. This is a secure number and you will be put straight through to a financial expert where you can discuss anything from your current salary, taxes and national insurance and payment disputes. If you have seen something on your payslip that you don’t understand or agree with then you can also discuss this here – please again state your full name, address and job position.

Other ways to contact Domino’s

You can also contact Domino’s by sending them a message to their Facebook account.