0843 208 1736

To reach the Curry’s head office to discuss products or seek technical help with one of your own devices, then please call 0843 208 1736.

Contact Numbers for Currys

Department Number
Head Office 0843 208 1736
Complaints 0843 557 3677
Customer Service 0843 557 3678
Recruitment 0843 208 5573
Marketing 0843 208 5574
HR 0843 208 5575

Head Office

When you call 0843 208 1736 you will be put through to the Curry’s head office where you can enquire about a Curry’s delivery, ask for help with a device you have purchased, com-plain that a new purchase from Curry’s isn’t working or ask about consumer rights and warranties.The head office looks after a number of departments and no matter what your question or query, there will always be someone who is happy to help. Due to a large volume of calls to the Curry’s head office it always helps get to the bottom of your problem if you are specific about the product you are calling about. Where possible, please try and provide the product’s batch code or if you want to speak about a specific store, provide the location.


Call 0843 557 3677 to make a complaint to Curry’s about their products and/or services. To ensure you are speaking with a person who can help you as effectively as possible, you will be met with an automated menu when you dial the number. The switchboard operator will ask you to press 1) for in store complaints 2) for complaints about a purchase 3) for complaints about Curry’s delivery service and 4) to complain about a member of staff. If your complaint does not relate to any of the above, please press 0.

Customer Service

The customer service team are happy to help any of Curry’s customers, whether you are looking to purchase a product or have previously bought something. You can reach the customer service team by calling 0843 557 3678 and you can either discuss your query over the phone or make an appointment to speak to a technical adviser in your local store. If you have a broken device you can bring this along and our technicians will do their best to repair it. To check your product is still under warranty, simply call customer services and state your name, address and the product’s batch code – the call handler will then find your purchase on their database.


Find out all about working for Curry’s by calling 0843 208 5573. There are a lot of different departments at Curry’s, all with great career opportunities and the automated switchboard will help you find exactly what you are looking for. When calling, please press 1) for jobs in the marketing team, 2) for jobs at the Curry’s head office, 3) for career opportunities in the Curry’s, 4) for technician positions and 5) for in store assistants.


You can use 0843 208 5574 if you would like to discuss any Curry’s marketing campaigns that you have come across. When you dial the number, please leave your name, address and phone number and a member of the marketing team will ring you straight back for a confidential discussion. If you would like to use any of Curry’s images, you can also use this number to request what you need.


Any Curry’s member of staff can contact their HR department with their questions and queries. The number to reach them on is 0843 208 5575. Press 1) for payroll queries, 2) for tax codes 3) for sick and holiday pay and 4) to discuss any issues you’re having with your role or to discuss changing roles.

Other ways to contact Currys

Send Currys a letter to their head office address or start a live chat with them on their Facebook page – they typically reply instantly.