• Business Name: Currys
  • Head Office Number: 0843 208 1736
  • Opening Times: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm Saturday, 9am-6pm Sunday
  • Head Office Address: Currys, DSG Retail Ltd, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS
  • Website:

Currys Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3677

Connection Numbers for Currys

Department Number
Head Office 0843 208 1736
Complaints 0843 557 3677
Customer Service 0843 557 5181
Appliances 0843 208 5573
Delivery and Returns 0843 208 5574
Careers 0843 208 5575

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Currys departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Currys Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

Currys Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Currys
DSG Retail Ltd
1 Portal Way
W3 6RS

Why might I need to call the Currys head office contact number? – 0843 208 1736

You may need to call the Currys head office contact number for a huge host of reasons. Currys, after all, sells and warranties a huge range of electronics, from white goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines, to commercial consumer electronics like TVs, information technology like computers, laptops and smartphones, and telecommunications gear like smartphones, regular phones, and below-average-IQ phones. In addition, there are the cables, accessories, toasters, blenders, timer switches, and other paraphernalia of electronic success that any customer can buy in Currys for the low, low price of the price of the item as set by Currys, and any of these items may develop a problem at any time. In addition, the call may not be because of a problem with the items, but may be a gathering of information, an extension of feelers into the world of Currys, or an attempt to garner goodwill from the staff of Currys.

You may also need to call to make a complaint against Currys, to ask for compensation due to losses incurred after a catastrophic failure of a piece of Currys merchandise, or to make enquiries about working for Currys, collecting information about the job and targeting your application appropriately.

The Currys staff working on the other end of the line from your handset are all experts in customer relations and customer service, with access to the vast, unending library of information that is the Currys database system, and the ability to call the big guns whenever they please in the form of management and expert members of the head office staff, facilitated by the location of their call centre within the head office itself, a mere transfer away from the top brass of Currys.

Your reasons for calling Currys may certainly include, but will by no means be limited to, those outlined in the bullet points above. If you think of a reason to contact the Currys head office, but it isn’t listed in the list above, don’t hesitate to contact the Currys head office about it!

Currys Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3677

Making Complaints to the Currys Head Office – 0843 557 3677

The list of goods sold by Currys is nearly endless – in fact, if an item runs on electricity, whether that be from the mains power cables, through an adaptor, batteries, dynamo or the raw lightning storms of the wrath of God himself, Currys probably sell it. Their catalogue includes such electrical classics as “fridges”, “freezers”, and “TVs” but don’t think it stops there!

With dominance of the kitchen’s electrical appliances, Currys can help to bring all the modern conveniences of the electrical revolution into the heart of your home! From blenders to refrigerators, from toasters to freezers, from dishwashers and mincers to garbos and flincers,  Currys has everything the kitchen needs, while in the living room, and even more spectacular transformation is occurring: flatscreen TVs with resolutions the likes of which human eyes cannot comprehend; to lamps the likes of which human eyes can comprehend as “pretty” and “giving out light”, Currys is the provider for you. Other electronic entertainments like DVD players, Blu-Rays, and even games consoles like the PS4 and XBox One (or XBone, as it is sometimes hilariously known).

A laptop can finish off the ensemble, with fairy lights and mood lighting for ambience, and speakers to provide the oomph your music needs. Meanwhile, your smart watch helps you control your house and the weather, or whatever it is that smart watches do, and for all of it, you can choose the Currys Repayment Method. Simply put, the Method (which is trademarked) allows customers to avail of free delivery or store collection, and pay nothing for the first six months of your ownership, only beginning to pay after that six months! That’s half a year of not paying for the thing you bought, and that’s the Curry’s experience.

Over Christmas and New Year, the returns period is even extended, to allow more leeway for those who need to return or exchange a Currys item that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now doesn’t seem like such a good idea, and thanks to the KnowHow service, things like laptops and smartphones can be ready to play the second you pick them up! Currys will price match competitors like the other shops that sell electrical goods, and make sure they’re never beaten on price, and that service is available up to a week after you’ve bought the item! Madness!

However, purchasing things from Currys isn’t always sunshine and butterflies – sometimes it’s late deliveries and broken or faulty goods. If you have a negative experience with Currys, you may need to complain – and that can mean complaining about your driver or the in-store staff too.  If such a tragedy were to befall you, you could take action – you shouldn’t just sit and take it! The Earth will not swallow you up, and your honour will not avenge itself! Let Currys know what the problem is by calling the head office contact number listed on this page.

Getting in Contact With Currys Via Post – 0843 208 1736

If you want to get in touch with Currys via a time-honoured means, a traditional and elegant form of communication unmarred by modern society, modern vulgarity and modern efficiency, or if you’d normally phone but you bought your phone from Currys and now it’s broken and you need to find alternative ways to make your complaint heard, you can do so by sending a letter to the Currys head office. The Currys Head Office postal address is listed in the table above, but in case you can’t scroll back up the page, it has also been listed here. Simply address your letter to the following address:

DSG Retail Ltd
1 Portal Way
W3 6RS

Then stick on a commercially-available stamp (commonly seen with the Queen of England’s head on, but sometimes depicting other things like trains and buildings) and slot it into a postbox, or take it to the post office and post it! You’ll be hearing back from them in no time!

Currys Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3677

TVs from Currys – 0843 208 5573

It seems like there’s a new craze in the TV world every few months or so, doesn’t it? Wraparound TVs, Liquid Crystal Display, Nanofilament Extension Screens, 4D Viewing, Smart TVs with streaming services and social media built in, TVs that learn your preferences, Collaxion Crystal TVs. Why, just this year Samsung announced their NanoCrystal TV Screen, designed to create the smallest, most perfect and “purest” crystals possible.

On top of all the maddening technology, there’s the need to put the TV somewhere where it works, and where it will tie the room together, instead of hijacking it. You’ll need a sound system, as modern TVs lack the depth necessary for good bass sound generation, and cables to connect it, and something to watch. Currys can help you with all of those things; selling the TV, the DVD box or Blu Ray, the streaming box, the cables, the sound system and more! They even sell wall mounting systems for TV watchers who are determined that they want to see their TV clinging to the wall like a 42-inch spider, or a landbound LCD limpet.

About Currys – 0843 557 5181

Currys was not always an electronics store – in fact, it was opened in 1884, when Henry Curry, Esp. began to put bicycles together for the people of his village to enjoy. Since this was before the invention of electricity, Henry couldn’t sell electronics – he had to go for the next best thing, bicycles. By 1888, he’d opened his first store in London, and “Enterprising Henry” as he was known, was living up to his name. Tragically, his empire has survived but his name has not – most of the once-ubiquitous Currys stores in the UK have been absorbed by PC World, creating a new hybrid store that can be found in metropolitan areas all over Britain – “Currys PC World”.