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Costa Coffee Connection Numbers:

Costa Coffee Number
Head Office (Whitbread) 0844 826 8003
Customer Services 0843 208 2269
Complaints 0844 249 2014
Menu 0844 249 2658
Prices 0844 249 2659
Locations 0844 249 2663
Jobs 0844 249 2661

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Costa Coffee departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Costa Coffee Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
 Head Office 9am-5.30pm

Costa Coffee Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Whitbread Court
Houghton Hall Business Park
Porz Avenue

Are Costa cups recyclable?

Can I drink Costa Coffee whilst pregnant?
Costa Gatwick South Terminal
Costa Coffee sizes
Costa Coffee at home

Costa Coffee Head Office – 0844 826 8003

Costa Coffee is owned by Whitbread, a large company that also owns Premier Inn and other chain eateries around the UK. The head office is based in Dunstable, and the full address is available above. You may need to contact the head office to escalate a complaint, or if you are a current or ex Costa Coffee employee.

Costa Coffee Customer Services – 0843 208 2269

There are several ways to contact Costa Coffee customer services if you are unhappy, or if you want to give them a compliment. Your first step is to call the number above, where a representative will be waiting to discuss any issues with you. Your second option would be to contact Costa Coffee through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. Lastly, you could email Costa Coffee using their online contact form, which is available here.

Costa Coffee Complaints – 0844 249 2014

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience at Costa Coffee, and you wish to make a complaint about it, you can do so by calling the number on this page. This could be related to the drink or food itself, or bad service from a Costa Coffee employee. If you wish to make a complaint via email, you can do so using the Costa Coffee contact form.

Costa Coffee Menu – 0844 249 2658

Costa Coffee is a chain of coffee shops, selling coffee, tea, and hot/cold food. You’ll find on the menu every type of coffee that you can think of from a flat white to a caffé latte, cortado to espresso. If you like a chocolate twist to your drink, you can order a mocha or hot chocolate. If tea is more your thing, you’ll be able to order traditional tea, decaffeinated or a range of herbal flavours such as green tea, earl grey, citrus and mint tea. If you prefer your drink to be a little more unique, there is a great range of speciality drinks such as a chai latte, caramel cappuccino, or a babyccino- steamed milk with chocolate and marshmallows- for the little ones. If it is one of the rare hot days in Britain, Costa Coffee has an extensive range of iced drinks such as the caramel creamy cooler, red superday smoothie or a tropical fruit cooler. If you’re feeling hungry, you can treat yourself to a hot panini, cheesy toastie, sandwich, wrap or salad. To finish off, indulge yourself in a decadent pastry, muffin, cake or tray bake.

Costa Coffee Prices – 0844 249 2659

The prices of Costa Coffee products can vary depending on which size drink you get, whether you sit in or take away and the type of outlet that you visit. It’s usually £2-3+ for a coffee depending on which drink you choose and the size of the cup.

Costa Coffee Beans

Costa Coffee sources 100% of its beans from farms which have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By only sourcing from such farms, it means all the coffee is sourced from farms which practice sustainability and are subject to annual checks to ensure this.

Coffee originally comes from coffee cherries which are dried to become green coffee, before they are sorted and stored then shipped. The coffee reaches Costa’s roasting factory in London, which has been active for 40 years, with each batch taste tested to make sure it’s good enough. The coffee is made from a balance of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Costa Coffee Locations – 0844 249 2663

Costa Coffee shops have been designed to be comfortable, with different seating from sofas to small tables so that you can relax. They are also a great meeting point for the community, with some coffee shops running a ‘Costa Book Club’ where you can take a book in exchange for a charitable donation.

Costa Coffee Jobs –0844 249 2661

Costa Coffee baristas are extensively trained to ensure that they know how to create the perfect coffee. If you’re interested in a more operational role, regional team members help to develop great coffee experiences consistently across their region. Costa has a range of express machines in shops across the country, so if you’re good at engineering and love coffee, an Express role could be the one for you. If you wish to be part of the production team, you’ll help to create and taste each batch of coffee. Office based roles are also available in the likes of HR, finance, marketing, and sales. If you have just left university, Costa Coffee has a range of graduate opportunities.

Costa Opening Times

The opening times of a branch of Costa Coffee depend on its location. High street locations usually close around 6pm, whereas other branches on retail parks may open later. Branches in train stations or service stations may keep late hours. You can always find your local Costa Coffee’s opening times by looking online or calling the head office contact number on this page.

Popular questions about Costa Coffee

Are Costa Coffee cups recyclable?

Yes, Costa Coffee cups are 100% recyclable in relation to the company’s sustainability policy.

Costa Coffee when pregnant?

The NHS recommends no more than 200mg of caffeine per day whilst pregnant. Costa Coffee has a great range of decaf drinks, but one of your normal coffees will be fine as it usually contains 70-80mg of coffee.

Where is Costa Coffee in Gatwick South Terminal?

The branch of Costa Coffee in Gatwick South Terminal can be found on level 2, next to Cafe Rouge.

What are Costa Coffee sizes?

Costa Coffee sizes are Primo, Medio and Massimo- or regular, medium and large to the rest of us.

What coffee machine makes Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee has teamed up exclusively with Tassimo to create coffee specifically for Tassimo coffee machines.

About Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee was founded by two Italian brothers, who opened a coffee roastery in London in 1971. Originally, the business supplied local caterers, before opening a store in 1978 to sell coffee from. By 1995, there were over 40 stores across the UK and it was acquired by Whitbread, a hotel and coffee shop parent company.

By 2009, Costa was celebrating the opening of its 1000th store in Cardiff. Internationally, there are over 1,200 stores in 31 countries- the first international store opened in Dubai in 1999.

Costa Coffee’s chief coffee taster, Gennaro Pelliccia has his tongue insured for £10 million. This figure is higher than the insurance policy for Bruce Springsteen’s voice, but less than David Beckham’s legs.

For more about Costa Coffee products and services, call the Costa Coffee head office contact number.