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A Few More Useful Burger King Connection Numbers:


Burger King Number
Burger King Head Office 0843 208 2328
Burger King Customer Service  0843 208 2329
Burger King Complaints 0843 208 2452
Burger King Careers 0844 248 2696

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Burger King departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Burger King Head Office Opening Hours:

Day Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 11am – 11pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am – 1pm

Burger King UK Head Office Address:

Head Office Address
Burger King Park House
15 Bath Road

The Burger King Menu –  0843 208 2329

The Burger King menu is a diverse fast-food menu offering a variety of tasty meals, snacks and sides. Perhaps predictably, it is geared towards burgers, as they are the target, the mission statement and the primary motivator of Burger King. The in-store menu consists of the following categories:

Flame-Grilled Burgers

The flagship line for Burger King, the flame-grilled burger line is the classic Burger King experience, in a range of sandwiches. Including the world-famous Whopper burger in all its many forms – Whopper, Whopper Jr, Double Whopper, Crunchy BBQ Whopper to name just a few, this range also contains “long” Texas BBQ burgers, the incredible Steakhouse range, the classic cheeseburger and double cheeseburger, and a few smaller kids burgers to round out the menu.

Crispy & Tender Chicken

If you’d rather swap beef for chicken, the Burger King Chicken range is there: featuring the classic chicken burger, the chicken tender crisp, made with delicious southern-fried chicken, and the nacho cheese tender-crisp, which builds up the normal tender crisp with the addition of a few American classics. The chicken range also includes the chicken strips, which can be either a main meal or a side and come with a variety of sauces, and the BLT chicken wrap. Lastly, if you’re on a health kick but still eating in Burger King for some reason, there’s the chicken strips salad, which peppers an amazing BK salad with their trademark chicken strips and your choice of dressing.

Veggie, Fish & Salad

If you still fancy a delicious Burger King meal but don’t feel like the meat aspect of the dish, whether because you’re eating healthily, because you choose not to eat meat or because you just feel like a break from it, you can enjoy an item off the Veggie, Fish & Salad menu whenever you want. Featuring the classic “King Fish” fish burger, the filling and nutritious veggie bean burger or the veggie bean wrap, both of which are made with a range of sensibly-sourced beans to provide a punch of protein, healthy carbohydrates and low fat to the customer. There’s a kids burger for little burgeoning veggies, and a delicious salad range – the Garden Side Salad for pure vegetarian delight and the crispy chicken salad for those seeking a more substantial, meaty meal.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Burger King understands that like no-one else. The Burger King Breakfast Menu is one of the longest and most diverse in-store menus and provides a great choice between a variety of sandwiches and croissants, porridges and continental sweet treats to start your day off the right way.

Featuring the croissan’wich range, made up of a thin breakfast burger patty, cheese, fluffy American-style eggs, and either sausage or bacon, all sandwiched within a flaky, delicious croissant. These complete meals are a great way to kick your day into gear, and wil fill you up for ages with their stack of classic breakfast ingredients.

The same ingredients can be found in a traditional English muffin in the Breakfast Muffin range, providing a little more carbohydrate wallop to your breakfast and filling you up even longer, while King Wrap and the hash browns wait in the wings. A platter of classic hash browns, fried to perfection, the Burger King hash browns are an ideal side to any breakfast. You can also order the Stuffed Hash Brown, a delicious golden slice of morning that’s been stuffed with cheese to make an, even more, warming, filling dish.

On top of this, there’s traditional Quaker Oats, for anyone looking for a hearty, old-school start to their day, which is available with a choice of jam, syrup or sauce and is cooked up on the spot to match any orders, ensuring a warm, fresh bowl for everyone, every morning.

Lastly on the breakfast menu is the sweet stuff, the continental-style warm Belgian waffle with cream and chocolate for sweet, wholesome comfort on even the coldest, bleakest mornings, the chocolate chip muffin to provide anyone with a rich, dark and sweet breakfast, the hand-glazed and individually-filled donuts and the fluffy, sweet mini-pancakes in syrup. It’s enough to make you glad you got out of bed.

Drinks & Coffee

Soft drinks like coca-cola, Fanta and sprite are only the tip of the ice-cube in Burger King, although they’re the go-to drinks that most customers order with their meals. To start with, there is also the milkshake range, in a variety of classic flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, as well as the extensive and exotic Burger King smoothie range. These smoothies range all the way from Strawberry Banana and Tropical Mango to Pina Colada, and also include the frozen coolers, Frozen Limeade and Cherry Berry frozen lemonade.

If you’re after a bottled drink, you’ll also be able to sip on an Abbey Well mineral water or a Tropicana orange juice, but if you’d rather a hot drink, there’s an even greater selection.

Fresh espresso-style coffee is used to make all Burger King’s coffees, from traditional black coffees to lattes (with or without syrup flavouring) cappuccinos and iced cappuccino frappes, which all combine smooth, creamy milk and delicious, caffeine-packed coffee to keep you on your toes when you’re a little on the sleep-deprived side (aren’t we all?).

Lastly, there’s traditional tea for a warming, delicious tea break, and hot chocolate that’s guaranteed to melt even the most frozen of hearts.


The sides available at Burger King are crafted specifically to complement any BK meal and can be mixed and matched as much as you like to create an experience that is uniquely yours! You can tuck into some classic Fries, the Burger King trademark thick, fluffy fries that come as standard, or you can switch it up shaker fries, which come with a powdered flavour sachet that can be shaken onto the fries to coat them and provide a flavour explosion!

You can also opt for the more extravagant and delicious chorizo bites, balls of cheese and chorizo in an incredible southern-fried shell, or pure nacho cheese bites, filled with thick, flavourful cheese and fried until perfectly golden. Chicken strips with a variety of dipping sauces are next on the menu and provide another way to get your protein kick and your southern-fried goodness for the day. Lastly, but certainly not least, there’s the delicious golden goodness of the hash browns and the stuffed hash browns, described above in the Breakfast menu, and the healthy, sweet snack that is the Apple Fries, which are just apple cut to look like fries, rather than being fried apple, which would be substantially less healthy.

Sweet Treats

Now we get to everyone’s real favourite part of a slap-up meal: The Desserts! The sweet treats section of a Burger King in-store menu is one of their most diverse and delicious, and contains a huge range of treats both classic and new. First up is their sundae range, classic ice-cream sundaes combining light, fluffy ice-cream with strawberry, chocolate or caramel to create a dessert that has stood the test of time for 50 years.

The desserts range in-store at Burger King currently also includes the incredible Fusion range, which combines public favourites from the chocolate bar and sweet worlds with light, fluffy Burger King ice-cream, creating a mixture that is unique and exciting. There’s the Aero King Fusion, combining classic bubbly Aero chocolate with ice cream, the King Fusion Twix, which includes chunks of buttery biscuit, chocolate and caramel, the Bounty Fusion, which uses chocolate and coconut to create a tropical treat, the Aero Mint Fusion King, which is like the Aero Fusion King but Minty, and the Oreo Fusion, combining everyone’s favourite black and white biscuit with tasty ice-cream for a sweet treat to combat even the hottest days!

If you don’t fancy ice-cream, there’s plenty of other great dessert options at your nearest Burger King – you can tuck into a warm Belgian waffle drenched in melted chocolate and ice-cream, crack open a hand-glazed chocolate donut with smooth, chocolatey filling, sit down to a plate of mini-pancakes with maple syrup, have an apple pie stick or twelve, or enjoy a double chocolate chip muffin.

Or, if you want something really, luxuriantly extravagant, you could get the Chocolate Brownie Hottie, a chocolate brownie that is heated to melt the pool of chocolate inside, and when cut, the chocolate pours out onto the plate, mixing with the cold, smooth ice-cream the hottie is served with. Pure chocolate bliss.

King Savers

The King Savers are for those thrifty savers, those customers who like to know where the pennies go, the customers that found a little change in their pocket and want to celebrate with a burger, and those who just spent the month’s paycheque on Flame-Grilled burgers and now need something a little lighter to tide them over ’til next paycheque.

The Savers menu has all the classics on it, including the classic hamburger and cheeseburger, the chicken burger, fries and soft drinks, meaning anyone can put a meal together without breaking the bank. The saver’s menu also includes several excellent dessert items, from the hot apple pie sticks to the classic sundaes and the Aero King Fusion, the Aero Mint King Fusion and the Oreo Fusion. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it for a great price in the King Savers menu.

Kids Meals

For the little ones, there’s a range of Kid’s Meals, including a choice of smaller, more child-manageable burgers and sides. The kids’ hamburger is our classic hamburger, scaled down – and can easily be customised for fussy eaters. The kid’s cheeseburger does the same thing with the classic cheeseburger, offering kids a gateway into the world of cheese-topped burgers, which Burger King, of course, can help them explore at great length. The kids’ veggie burger is perfect for little veggies, and is made with the same high-quality varied beans as the veggie bean burger and veggie bean wrap, giving them a vitamin-rich meal to enjoy anytime!

Lastly, apple fries make the perfect side for any kids meal, giving the little ones a sweet treat for dessert that’s still healthy and full of all the stuff they need to help them grow!

King Deals

The King Deals are the limited edition masterpieces of the Burger King menu. Changing with the season, these burgers are constantly evolving and changing – at the time of writing, they consist of the phenomenal double-decker Big King Sandwich, the two-burger special “Long Texas BBQ” and the King Chicken burger, served with lettuce and a cool sauce.

Burger King Customer Service –  0843 208 2329


By going to their official website, you can contact Burger King directly via a text contact form, but it is difficult to tell when your message has been received or is being responded to – if that is a problem, you can instead choose to get in contact using social media. Burger King maintains active and sociable accounts on Twitter and Facebook, where they can be tweeted at, direct messaged or contact via wall-posts and tags.

If you’d rather cut out the electronic middleman entirely and replace it with a literal middleman who carries bags of post, you can send a letter to the Burger King head office in Slough, by posting it to the following address:

Park House
15 Bath Road

Burger King Complaints – 0843 208 2452

If you experienced an unsatisfactory meal at a Burger King restaurant, or you are unhappy with the level of service, you can make a complaint to Burger King by calling the number above. Burger King has an in-house complaints procedure, which means that an employee will attempt to handle your complaint on the phone, and if they can’t, it will be escalated and you will be contacted with a resolution.

Careers at Burger King – 0844 248 2696

Offering careers, rather than jobs, the Burger King recruitment team are asking questions like:

“Are you ready to tackle something you’re not yet ready for?” which makes sense, undoubtedly, especially when paired with “now what exactly would a college graduate be doing here?”

These questions and more are answered by the recruitment team themselves: college graduates are finding work with Burger King in record numbers, and the company’s own training policies help ensure that no-one who works there gets stuck in a dead end. In their own words, “if we like what we see, there’s no limit to where you could go”. This appeal to ambition is made alongside aims to be looking for retail experience, go-getter attitudes, kindness, a great big smile and a willingness to help the customers have the best experience they possibly can.

The corporate side of the company is also advertised, looking for the same qualities, but rather than searching for someone who can provide great burgers directly, they’re looking for managers, human resources experts, marketers, digital strategists, advertisers, logistics experts, international relations experts and executives to keep the Burger King machine well oiled and working, keeping the great burgers coming and the customers happy and fed the world over.

If you’re interested in a career at Burger King at any level, you can get more information by calling the Burger King head office between the hours of 11am and 11pm, Monday to Friday, or between 11am and 1pm on Saturday or Sunday. This phone line can connect you to the recruitment department easily, who can answer any questions you may have, provide any extra information needed, and take down any information you give them. If you’re interested in a corporate post, contacting the head office is definitely a direct way to catch the attention of the management.

More about Burger King

Burger King is an American fast-food restaurant specialising in burgers, hence the name. It is a worldwide chain, matching rivals McDonald’s and KFC store-for-store and providing an emphasis on the burger and sandwich aspects of fast food that are often neglected by the next-best thing.

Also offering a range of salads, fries, side dishes, chicken and a full dessert range, Burger King aims to be just that – the King of Burgers. Since it was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1952, it has been working towards that aim and is now a brand recognised in every corner of the globe.