0843 218 4750

Burberry is a luxury high-fashion retailer. It sells clothing and a range of accessories from flagship stores, as well as department stores and online. If you need to contact the Burberry head office which is based in London, you can do so by calling 0843 218 4750.

Burberry Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 218 4750 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Complaints 0843 218 4751 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Investors 0843 218 4757 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Careers 0843 290 7202 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Press Office 0843 290 7206 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
HR 0843 290 7208 Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Head Office

The Burberry head office is located in central London. The building houses several important departments of the company such as customer services, investor management, recruitment, design, and the press office. It is from the head office that Burberry organises all of its sales, including online and in stores. If you need to contact the Burberry head office, you can do so by calling 0843 218 4750.When you call this number, you will be given a range of menu options. You can press 1 for gifting or style advice, 2 to place an order, 3 to check the availability of an item, 4 to track an existing order or simply hold for anything else and you will be transferred to the switchboard.


If you have purchased a product from Burberry and you are not happy, or you are unhappy with a service provided in store, you can make a complaint by calling 0843 218 4751. The Burberry team will be happy to talk with you about your complaint, to ensure that it gets resolved effectively, whether this is a replacement product or a discount on a future service. When you call this number, wait for the menu options to finish and hold to speak to the complaints team.


Burberry is available to buy shares in via the stock market. As it is such a large company, there is a dedicated investor management team. They will be happy to talk you through the investment process and provide you with reports about the share price. To speak to the Burberry investment team, please call 0843 218 4757. When you call this number, hold the line until the menu options have finished, and you will get through to an operator who can assist you with talking about your investment.


If you’re interested in working at a Burberry store or concession, or in the Central London head office, you can reach the careers team by calling 0843 290 7202. When you call this number, the careers team will be able to advise you of any current vacancies and discuss with you the application process. To speak to the careers department, hold the line.

Press Office

The Burberry Press Office is in charge of dealing with media enquiries, which may stem from catwalk shows or advertising campaigns. If you’re a journalist and you need to speak to the Burberry press office, you can do so by calling 0843 290 7206. When you call this number, please hold to get through to the press office.


If you currently work for Burberry in one of the concessions or stores, you might need to speak to the HR department. This could be regarding your wages or because you are unhappy with your work environment. If you need to contact the Burberry HR team, you can do so by calling 0843 290 7208. To get through to the HR department, hold the line.

Other Ways to Contact Burberry

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