British Airways

0844 453 0235

British Airways is a British airline which flies to a vast range of destinations around the world, from various UK airports. If you need to contact the British Airways head office to make a complaint or as an employee, call the British Airways head office on 0844 453 0235.

British Airways Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 453 0235 Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm
Customer Services 0843 208 2389 Monday – Friday
Operations 0844 249 2411 Monday – Friday
Complaints 0844 249 2413  Monday – Friday
Recruitment 0844 249 2414  Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm
HR 0844 453 0235  Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm

Head Office

The British Airways head office is located in Harmondsworth, close to London Heathrow Airport. It houses various departments of the airline such as the operations department, customer services, HR and recruitment. If you need to contact the head office for any reason, you can do so by calling 0844 453 0235. This will put you through to the head office switchboard, where you will be presented with 5 menu options. Press 1 if you are a resident of Waterside (the location of the head office) 2 for recruitment, 3 for director-related enquiries, 4 for directions to Waterside and 5 for customer queries.

Customer Service

If you are a customer of British Airways and you need to speak to their customer service department for any reason (i.e. making a complaint, getting a refund or changing your flight) you can do so by calling 0843 208 2389. Calling this number will get you through to the customer service department, and they will be willing to assist you with any problems or any changes that you wish to make.To change your booking, press 1, to make a booking, find out prices or check availability press 2, and for anything else press 3.


The operations department of British Airways oversees the various services that the airline provides, including the flight schedule. If you need to contact the operations department, you can do so by calling the British Airways head office on 0844 249 2411. When you call this number, you will hear some hold music followed by a range of menu options – press 3 to be put through to the operations department.


British Airways understand that sometimes you may need to make a complaint, and for that reason, they have set up a dedicated helpline for complaints. You can contact the British Airways complaints team on 0844 249 2413. You may wish to make a complaint about your flight, or your experience of booking a flight. You could also complain about how you have been treated by a British Airways employee. When calling this number, press 3 to get through to the complaints team.


If you are hoping to work for British Airways as part of the cabin crew or ground staff, you can contact the recruitment team by calling 0844 249 2414. The recruitment team will advise you of any current recruitment drives, and tell you how you can apply. You can use this line for head office vacancies as well as cabin crew. When you call the above number, wait for the hold music to finish and press 3 to speak to the customer service team.


If you are a current British Airways employee and you need to speak to the HR department, you can do so by calling 0844 453 0235. You can use this number to make a complaint to HR about how you have been treated by a fellow employee or to report a problem with your payslip. When you call, you should press 2 to get through to the HR department.

Other ways to Contact British Airways

You can tweet British Airways for assistance – @British_Airways