Bristol Water

  • Business Name: Bristol Water
  • Head Office Number: 0843 208 2427
  • Opening Times: 8am-5pm
  • Head Office Address: Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS13 7AT
  • Website:

bristol water head office contact number

Bristol Water was formed in 1846 via an act of parliament in order to give safe drinking water to the people of England. Its original purpose was to help outbreaks of diseases in the water supply. In the years since, Bristol Water has built multiple reservoirs and water treatment plants. The largest of these developments is the Chew Valley Lake reservoir, which provides nearly 1000 square miles of water to surrounding areas. The Bristol Water logo is a typographical print of their name, and can be found above and on their website. Below is their plan for 2020, which will see new innovative water saving technology.

Bristol Water Connection Numbers

Company Number
Customer Services 0843 208 2427
Complaints 0844 453 0211
Account  0843 816 6809
Bristol Water for Business  0843 816 6811
Saving Water  0843 816 6812
Water Supply Issues  0843 816 6813

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Bristol Water departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Customer Services – 0843 208 2427

If you need to contact Bristol Water’s customer services department then you can use the number provided. Bristol Water prides themselves on their excellent customer service and a member of the team will be happy to assist you with any queries or requests that you might have. If you have moved home to a property that is supplied by Bristol Water then you can call customer services to inform them that you are the home’s new owners. If there is ever a problem with your water supply then you will be informed immediately, but do return the call too customer services if you have any further questions.

Complaints  –  0844 453 0211

Your water supply should be constant so if you are having any issues whether it be with the frequency or quality of your water then you should call the complaints number immediately. Hopefully, your complaint will be resolved there and then but if a team member cannot help you then your complaint may be escalated to a more relevant department. If you would prefer to have something in writing you can address a letter to Bristol Water’s head office address.

Your Account with Bristol Water – 0843 816 6809

When you create an account with Bristol Water, you can start paying your bills immediately online. This can be done via direct debit, or by one off payments through paypal and through a credit card. To set up an online account, visit the Bristol Water web page. From here you can set up an account name and password, as well as your direct debit or credit information. Once you have done this you will be billed automatically each month as part of your tariff. If you are struggling with your account, or you would like to speak to someone from the Bristol Water team regarding your account and the service you pay for through them, we suggest calling the Bristol Water Helpline above.

Business account with Bristol Water –  0843 816 6811

As well as selling domestic water supplies, Bristol Water will also start to supply large and small businesses with wholesale water at the beginning of 2017. This service will be known as Open Water, and will work much in the same way their sales work today. Any other inquirers about this service can be found over the on the Bristol Water website.

Saving Water with Bristol Water – 0843 816 6812

Bristol Water believe in economic sustainability, and that water is an important part of every day life. The company expect to have an increase in supply of 30% by 2035. To combat the strain of this, Bristol Water are offering their customers free water saving devices as well as tips on how to save water at home and at work. The company have also released a Water Resource Management Plan, which outlines their plan to save and treat their water in the best possible way. For any information regarding the water saving initiative from Bristol Water, you can visit their dedicated website, or contact someone from the Head Office on the Bristol Water contact number.

Water supply issues with Bristol Water – 0843 816 6813

If you are experiencing water supply issues with Bristol Water and it is an emergency, Bristol Water do have an emergency phone line you can call on 0800 801011. From here, a technician will help you. If your problems are not as urgent, but you would still like a technician from Bristol Water to come and see you, you can contact a member of Bristol Water customer services, and they will arrange for a technician to come and visit you when the next available appointment is available.


How much does Bristol Water charge?

Un-metered water in the UK costs £29.50 per year. For metered houses, the charge is £36.50 per year. Bristol Water annually release statements in regards to charges for their water. To see this year’s current charges, you can visit the Bristol Water website, where they have released a charges leaflet. You can find out more information on metered houses in the UK on the governement website, as well as the majority of water supplier websites in the UK. Usually, you can get a meter installed for free from many suppliers. However, if you cannot, we suggest taking a look around the different sites to see which offer is the best for you.

Which areas do Bristol Water supply?

Bristol Water supply water to all areas of the UK. You can find out if the company supply your area directly by visiting the Bristol Water website, where they have an interactive map regarding their areas of supply.

Under current UK legislation, domestic houses are not allowed to change their current water providers. To find out which water company supplies your water, you can use search engines such as google and bing. If you cannot find your supplier online, look for water treatments near your house, as you may be supplied by your nearest supplier.

Does Bristol Water offer a graduate scheme?

Bristol Water offers jobs for new graduates. All of the current openings with the company for graduates can be found by searching the term “graduate” in their jobs page. For the latest job vacancies in general, head on over to the Bristol Water jobsite, which has a list of all of the available jobs at their water treatment plants. You can also apply for jobs with Bristol Water through this site. Simply make an account and follow the instructions on screen.

Is Bristol Water hard or soft?

All of the water supplied to you by Bristol Water is either classed as Hard or Very Hard. Water hardness is determined by the natural presence of minerals in the water. Hard water is not harmful to health and is no indication of unhealthy water.