bbc head office contact number

The BBC is a British public service broadcasting network.

 BBC contact numbers:

BBC Phone Number
Head Office 0844 453 0231
Audience feedback 0844 453 0231
Complaints 0844 453 0231

BBC Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9.00am-5.30pm

BBC Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place

Reasons to call the BBC head office contact number:

  • To make a complaint about a programme that you have watched on BBC.
  • To find out more about being in the audience for a specific show.
  • To make a contribution to a show such as BBC News.
  • To find out more about working for the BBC.

Are BBC shows repeated?
How is the BBC funded?
The BBC’s relocation to Salford
What BBC shows are available on Netflix?

BBC News

BBC News is a leading provider of breaking news and featured stories. The news is presented in a written format through the BBC News website, in a video format through the BBC News program and channel and in an audio format on the BBC radio stations. The news focuses on top stories from around the world and in the UK, as well as stories of local interest. The BBC News channel rolls for 24 hours a day. BBC Radio 5 Live is the most prominent radio station for news, however, Radio One has a programme called Newsbeat which provides hourly news updates as well as an extended programme at 12.45 and 5.45. The difference between Newsbeat and the other news programmes such as Radio 5 Live is that Newsbeat is tailored towards a younger audience, with younger reporters working on the bulletins.


BBC TV is made up of several channels: BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News, BBC Parliament, and BBC Alba. Each channel broadcasts without adverts. The BBC is famous for many popular TV shows such as Sherlock Holmes, Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, The Great British Bake Off, Poldark, Our Girl, Eastenders, Holby City, The Apprentice, The Graham Norton Show, QI and Mock the Week. BBC TV is funded by the implementation of a TV licence fee. The licensing fee is £145.50 for the year, which you can pay in instalments either quarterly or monthly or you can pay the fee all at once.

BBC also has a catch-up service, BBC iPlayer which allows users to watch a programme that they missed online. You can watch BBC iPlayer in several ways; via your internet browser, via smart TV, via an app for your smartphone/tablet, via your subscription TV box or via a TV add-on such as Google Chrome and Roku.

BBC Homepage

The BBC Homepage welcomes you to the BBC online. You can tailor the homepage to suit you; if you sign in you’ll be able to see local weather and news. The homepage is made up of several elements such as news, three things from today, people, lifestyle and entertainment news. You’ll also see a range of top picks from the iPlayer and iPlayer Radio, in case you missed any TV and radio highlights over the last few days.

BBC Live


You can watch BBC channels live using the iPlayer, which is handy if you do not have access to a TV. Note that you are required to have a TV licence to watch programmes on iPlayer, both catch up and live. Until September 2016, you only needed to have a licence to watch live TV, but the legislation changed to include the BBC iPlayer.

BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide is an extended service which shows BBC programmes around the world. There are four regions: UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand and Global Markets including Northern Europe, Latin America and Asia. BBC Worldwide often buys existing programmes to market around the world, as well as investing in production to develop new and innovative shows.

Popular Questions About BBC

Are BBC programmes repeated?

You can use the BBC iPlayer to catch up with a show that you missed. Alternatively, you can check the BBC Programming website to see if the programme that you missed is due to be repeated on TV in the next few days.

How BBC is funded?

The BBC is funded by the television licence, which is £145.50 per household. It’s estimated that the licence fee costs each household 40p a day, with each household spending an average of 6 hours a day consuming BBC media, be it through television, radio or online.

Why BBC move to Salford?

In 2010, the BBC announced that it would build ‘MediaCityUK’ as a base for some of the BBC programmes, however, the idea was first mentioned in 2004. Programmes such as BBC Breakfast, Match of the Day, BBC Radio 5 Live, and North West Tonight are broadcast from Quay House. From Bridge House, also at MediaCityUK, Dragons Den, Mastermind and Blue Peter are produced. In the Dock House, research teams are based there, and some BBC Radio 4 programmes are made there.

What BBC shows are available on Netflix?

There are many popular BBC shows available on the streaming service Netflix. They include: Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Luther, The Fall, The Office, Outnumbered and Top Gear.

About the BBC

The BBC was founded in 1922, however, the first public radio broadcast occurred in 1920, featuring a famous Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba. By 1922, the General Post Office had received over 100 licensing requests for broadcasts, so it decided to grant just one to a company owned by wireless manufacturers, and the British Broadcasting Corporation was born. By 1923, the original method of funding from the sales of wireless receivers was falling short, so a licence fee of 10 shillings was introduced.

Today, the BBC is the world’s oldest broadcaster and is based at the Broadcasting House, London. It has over 35,000 staff working across all sectors of the business. The broadcaster operates under an agreement with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The licence fee is still the main form of funding and the fee is set by the Government, rather than the BBC itself.

For more information about the BBC programmes and services, call the BBC head office contact number on this page.

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