0844 248 1902

Dial 0844 248 1902 and you will be connected to a member of the Barnardo’s Head Office Team.

Barnado’s Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Barnardo’s Head Office Contact Number 0844 248 1902 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Customer Services 0844 248 1903 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Fundraising Department 0844 248 1904 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Barnado’s Volunteering Helpline 0844 248 1905 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Barnardo’s HR & Payroll 0843 208 1746  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Complaints 0844 248 2023  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm

Barnardo’s Head Office Contact Number

Calling 0844 248 1902 will put you through to the Barnardo’s Head Office Contact Number. This is a direct line, which means that you will be connected to a member of staff as soon as possible. If this line is busy, you will be placed on hold until someone can assist you further. Usually, you won’t be placed on hold for longer than 20 minutes.

Customer Services

For general customer services enquiries, call 0844 248 1903. This line can be used to make a number of enquiries about fundraising, shopping and more. If you need to make a complaint, we suggest you call the complaints number for Barnardo’s, which can be found below or in the table above.

Fundraising Department

If you would like to become an active fundraiser for Barnardo’s, you can visit the website for all of the different options available to you. Great ways to get involved include doing your own fundraising, and there are plenty of ideas on the website for fundraising events you can organise, as well as instructions on how to get started. Another effective way of giving is to pledge your birthday with Barnardo’s in celebration of them turning 150 years old. Pledging your birthday encourages people to spare one birthday in aid of vulnerable children. If you would like to fundraise for Barnardo’s with a collection box, you can donate your small change by applying to have a collection box in your home! You will be amazed at how much small change can actually make. There are different types of boxes for different circumstances, so please make sure you read all of the information before selecting your box.

For more information, dial 0844 248 1904. This number is automated, however, once you are connected and have heard their opening statement, you will be connected directly to a member of staff with the Barnardo’s fundraising team. The team is based in the Barnardo’s Head Office.

Barnardo’s Volunteering Helpline

Becoming a Barnardo’s volunteer is an extremely rewarding job as well as looking great on your CV and it is extremely easy to get into. Every volunteer makes a real difference. There are different ways in which you can volunteer for Baranardo’s whether you are a children’s volunteer, a student volunteer, undertaking an internship or working in one of the Barnardo’s charity shops. To get involved, you can either call the head office for more information or visit the website and click on the area in which you would like to volunteer. Volunteering with children involves running activities and playschemes for deprived areas. Your services could also involve supporting the parents of young children, as well as fostering and adopting if that is a route you would like to go down.

To find out more, call 0844 248 1905 and someone will be able to help you as soon as possible. This line will direct you immediately to the Barnado’s Volunteering Helpline, which is situated in the Barnardo’s head office. This line ins’t automated, which means that someone can help you as soon as possible.

Barnardo’s HR & Payroll

If you work in Barnardo’s and would like to query your pay, or the amount you have been paid this month, call 0843 208 1746. At peak times, you may be placed on hold before someone can assist you. If you would like to volunteer for Barnardo’s, call the Volunteering Helpline at the top of this page.


For general complaints, call 0844 248 2023 and your complaint will be heard as soon as possible. If you are a member of the Barnardo’s team and would like to make a complaint about an aspect of your job, or another worker, we suggest you call the HR & Payroll number found above.