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Avis Connection Number:

Avis Number
Avis Head Office

0843 557 3669

Avis Complaints

0843 557 3669

Avis Recruitment

0843 557 4882

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Avis departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Avis Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Avis Helpline 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Avis Head Office Address

Avis Address
UK Avis Head Office Avis Budget House
Park Road
RG12 2EW
United Kingdom

Reasons to call the Avis Head Office:

  • I want to hire a car with Avis
  • I would like some vehicle advice before I hire a car
  • I would like to make a complaint to Avis
  • I would like to apply for a job at Avis
  • I am having trouble filling out the Avis online hire form
  • Avis have overcharged me from car hire
  • I am going on holiday and would like to know if Avis operates at the airport I am flying from
  • I want to cancel a booking I have made with Avis
  • I want to know if Avis offer a particular type of car for hire
  • I need to report damages or breakages to Avis
  • I want know if there are any current offers available from Avis
  • I have forgotten my log in details and cannot access my Avis account

About Avis

Avis is an American based car rental company that is headquartered in America. It was founded in 1948, but has recently acquired Avis Europe which also runs Avis UK.  In 1986, the company became separate from Avis Rent a Car and became listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since the group has been operating, they now have 2,900 offices in 112 countries. Since it was first established, Avis has become an award winning brand and is one of the top companies for guaranteeing customer loyalty. In 2013, Avis was awarded the award for ‘Best Car Rental Company in Europe’ and in 2014 it launched an unforgettable advert inspiring its customers to ‘unlock the world’.

Avis Fleet

All of the Avis Fleet can be viewed on their website. There is a wide range of vehicles available for you to choose from, and definitely something that will suit everyone. Choose from the Avis collections which include; the Core Range, the Avis Select Series and the Avis Prestige. If you fancy hiring something a little more upmarket then you can go for the Avis Prestige collection that includes luxury brands such as Mercedes, Porsche, Ford Mustang and even electric cars. Simply select the European country that you want to hire from. The fleet available varies from country to country. If you need a reliable, practical vehicle you might want to choose something from the Avis Core range which offers a range of hatchbacks, saloons, SUV’s and minis – the Core range is perfectly designed for all manner of occasions – whether you need a small car for a romantic holiday or a large people carrier to transport your family, you will find something here. There are cars available in both automatic and manual. next to the picture of each vehicle you will be given all the details you need to know about it, including the pickup locations where the cars are available, as well as the minimum age required for driving. Most cars require the hire driver to be over the age of 20 and young driver charges will apply for anyone under the age of 25. Please call the helpline if you have any questions about these rules. The cars are grouped together using letters and the website will tell you the age description for each letter, so make sure that you check you fit the age requirements before hiring.

avis car hireAvis Car Hire Services

Hiring a car with Avis is fairly straightforward and the whole process can be completed online. If you head to the Avis website, you can browse all of the cars that are available in their fleet and once you have decided, you can click the link to ‘book now’ and be on your way to hiring a car. Start by entering your pick up location into the box provided (city or postcode) and the dates and time that you would like to hire the car. You can then search for cars that are available from your selected location at the selected time. If you are aged between 30 and 70 you can proceed to search for cars but if you are below 30 or above 70 you will need to confirm your age with Avis by entering your date of birth. If you are looking for a bargain, don’t forget to check out the Avis sales where as much as 25% is offered off car hire for certain dates. If you have hired a car and are unhappy with the quality of it, or the service you have received then please do not hesitate to call the Avis head office. If you do not have a destination in mind but know you would like to hire a car to travel somewhere, you can find plenty of holiday inspiration from the Avis website, whether that’s a city break or a tour around a whole country. Holidays are made easier when you have a car to explore wherever you like, and even more so when you can arrange pick up and drop off at the airport of your destination. Avis Delivers is also another handy service on offer that means your Avis car is dropped off at your door, and then collected again. Once you have chosen your car, you will be asked to ‘choose your extras’ and here, you can put in your own postcode as the delivery and collection point. Provided that your home is within 40 miles of an Avis rental office, the Avis staff are more than happy to do this. If you need a car last minute, order by noon and receive your car on the very same afternoon. Delivery and collection charges are £20 each. if you have ordered a car for delivery and it has not arrived, please call the Avis head office.

Avis Account

Your Avis account keeps track of all of your Avis hires and also makes it easier to hire a car with Avis in the future as your details are remembered. By joining ‘Your Avis’ you will also become a part of the Avis loyalty scheme which means you can have access to a number of perks including fast-track service at the counter, pre-prepared rental paperwork, access to some of the newest cars, convenient car parking spaces and keys and paperwork already prepared in your car. As a member, you are Avis’ top priority. Joining Avis Preferred is completely free of charge and to join all you will need is your driving licence and a payment card to secure your membership. Avis has three levels of loyalty with the opportunity to upgrade through the rankings as your membership progresses. The higher you get the bigger your rewards. You will earn points when you spend money with Avis. You can join simply by entering your details online and providing a username and password. You will need these details to access your account, if you forget them please call the Avis head office so that you can be assisted in accessing your account.

Avis Business Rentals

Avis is also handy if you need to rent vehicles for business purposes. The business travel team at Avis will tailor the perfect car hire package for you and your business, whatever your business size. You can also hire a van if your company needs one. Avis understands that sometimes jobs can be unpredictable and vehicles may need to be hired for a longer amount of time. With Avis Flex you can lengthen the amount of time that you are hiring the car, without having to deal with the hassle of a lease.

Avis Jobs

There are plenty of opportunities for a career at Avis and all of the current vacancies are available to view on their website. If you are struggling to find a vacancy that matches your required location and skills set currently, be sure to keep checking for when new opportunities arise.