When and What is Amazon Prime Day?

When and What is Amazon Prime Day?

Chances are, you will be well aware of the global internet market that is Amazon, and will probably also be aware of the existence of Amazon Prime membership – a subscription to Amazon that grants you access to video and music streaming, deals on prices on some items and exceptional delivery services (next day and same day delivery for thousands of items).

If you didn’t already know that, you can now continue with your day not only having gained that knowledge but also the information I will now impart on you: there is an Amazon Prime day.

You might still be confused, so you should know that Amazon Prime Day is one full 24 hour day of discounts on tonnes of products on Amazon for the sites annual birthday celebrations. Prime Day was on the 12th July and is usually on the second Tuesday of July – this year that falls on the 11th July which is now therefore rumoured to be the date of the celebrations. However, the date hasn’t officially been confirmed by Amazon, so still remains a mystery.

Last year Prime Day was the biggest day of Amazon’s history, as their traffic went up by 36% as they sold 90,000 TV’s and thousands of Fire TV sticks, Kindle Paperwhites and tablets. In three hours last year US customer came together to buy 18,048 pairs of headphones.

Prime Day promotes Amazon Prime’s subscription service perfectly, as there is usually a significant deal on Prime membership shortly before the day. There is also the fact that you can easily use their 30-day free trial specifically for Prime Day as many do, although several of those who sign up for Prime specifically for Prime Day often find themselves staying signed up to Prime after the day is over. Prime Day is perfect for everyone, including students who can find that membership costs £39 instead of £79 for a year for them, and is completely free for the first six months of membership, meaning that they can use their Prime membership to snag any technology they may need to complete their studying.

However, Prime Day isn’t just for Prime members – anyone can get involved in the deals, it only means that those with Amazon Prime memberships sometimes get access to deals before anyone else, which make all the difference on some deals that have limited availability.

Many have noted that Prime Day is differeWhen and What is Amazon Prime Day?nt from Black Friday/Cyber Monday as while these events are set in November and are usually based around buying gifts for the holiday season, Prime Day’s placement in the middle of the year mean you can justify treating yourself, or even cheaply buying everyday items that pop up in the deals. On the day there will be two different types of deals available: Deals of the Day which are the biggest and most eye-catching deals you’ll see, and Lightning Deals which can be on anything you could imagine, with a limited availability.

When Amazon Prime Day comes along, I hope you’re ready for an intense buying spree that you hadn’t expected. Better start saving!

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