Thomson Ready to Complete its Re-brand to TUI

The TUI Group launched an awareness campaign during Saturday’s episode of the X Factor to alert people that Thomson will be changing to TUI.

The TV advert displayed a man diving into blue water with a simple message – ‘Thomson is changing to TUI’. The advert is at the centre of an awareness project, which aims to inform the British public that Thomson will become TUI, permanently framing the new name in their minds.

It was first announced in December 2016 that the summer 2017 marketing campaign would be the company’s last under the name of Thomson. The campaign was titled Moments. This has made way for the rebrand campaign to launch towards the end of this year.

The marketing director for TUI said the brand was ‘ready’ to become TUI, and they wanted to ensure that customers were ready to embark on the ‘exciting journey’ with them, which was the reasoning behind the awareness campaign. She added that customers were already used to seeing the TUI smile logo, as it has been an important part of Thomson branding for a while, and the logo has been visible in their resorts for over three years. This summer, the logo was added to the company’s fleet of aircraft.

The ‘diving man’ campaign will continue to run across TV in the coming weeks, as well as appearing on bus stops. Travellers on a Thomson long-haul flight will see a variation of the campaign. This will lead up to a major campaign when Thomson becomes TUI in the upcoming weeks.


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