Insider secrets you need to know about Nando's

Inside Nando’s: Former employee reveals insider secrets

Nando’s has become a staple food chain on the high street, pretty much loved by everyone, despite the fact it’s primarily chicken you can order in there.

Nando’s is great for fast food that’s delicious, relatively healthy and is perfect for big groups or even small gatherings.

Getting insider information on our favourite food places is becoming more and more popular, and thankfully a former employee at a busy London branch revealed some insider tips and tricks to the Leicester Mercury that we thought we’d pass on to you.

Frozen dishes

It’s hard to tell, but some of the dishes you can order in Nando’s are frozen. Macho peas are frozen and then thawed and portioned at the beginning of each day.

Other items that have come in frozen to include vegetarian burgers, pitta bread and cakes too.

McCain chips

The chips you order in Nando’s might be familiar for some, they come from McCain, so chances are you could have some sitting in your freezer.

The lowdown on chicken

The former employee states, that despite what many people think the chicken from Nando’s is not organic.

What you might be surprised to learn is that it comes to the restaurants already marinated too. Before the chefs will cook it on the grill it’s already part-cooked in a combi oven and stored in a hot drawer. When you’ve placed your order it’ll then go on the grill, and that’s why it’s often considered fast food.

When ordering chicken, as well, always ask for a breast, because you get more for your money with this cut of meat.

Avoid the olives

The olives are one of the more expensive items on the menu, simply because the staff are told to only add one layer to the ramekins they’re served it. It means you only end up with roughly eight olives, which are bulked with pieces of garlic.

The staff won’t thank you for ordering livers

We can’t imagine many people do actually order them, but for those who do order the livers from the menu, the staff aren’t too best pleased when you do, simply because they stink out the kitchen when they’re cooked.

The secret menu isn’t so secret anymore

We’re always shocked to learn about secret menus at our favourite fast food places, but there’s nothing really secret in Nando’s anymore. If you still aren’t aware of them, they include:

Chicken with the Peri tamer sauce – which is a BBQ sauce that is available on the kid’s menu.

Make your mask and garlic bread cheesy.

Substitute your normal burger bun for two slices of garlic bread instead.

Staff favourites

You’re treated to a staff meal every five hours when you work at Nando’s, so of course, they’ve worked their way through the menus numerous times.

This means they’re often ordering things you won’t actually see on the menu, such as a Nando’s burrito, which combines the chicken wrap and you fill it with a portion of spicy rice.

Also, try one of the salads and top it with grilled chicken, halloumi and pineapple. Don’t forget lashings of the delicious sauces too.

A simple swap

Even though they’re allowed to eat from the Nando’s menu, as you can imagine it can get boring after a while. So we were surprised to learn that they’ll sometimes do a food swap with other takeaways, and have even swapped chickens for large pizzas.

Customers do fake the heat

Nando’s hot sauce is pretty hot, so we understand that it’s not to everyone’s tastes. But in a bid to look more macho, lads have been known to ask for a hot sticker to be placed in their bun when they’ve really ordered a lemon and herb. There’s no need for that boys, we’re pretty sure it’d be hard for most people to finish a whole burger in the hot sauce without getting a bit of a sweat on.

The pros and cons of a late shift

Whilst the late shift usually results in drunk people, or people trying to mix brought-in alcohol with their unlimited refills, it does also have its perks. If food is going out of date that day, you can take it home with you.

People do steal things

Despite the fact that you can bottles of sauces now in the supermarkets, people still steal them. And the need for a chicken stick souvenir is something that people can’t resist either, which is annoying for the staff at Nando’s because they have to be specially ordered in.

They’re on to you

You might think that you’re a master criminal when you order water but then fill it up with something fizzy, the reality is the staff are probably on to you and will just a bring a bill for it to your table. Save yourself the embarrassment and just order it in the first place.

There is such a thing as a Nando’s Black Card

We’ve all heard the rumours, and they are in fact true, there is such a thing as a Nando’s Black Card, but they’re incredibly rare. We can’t imagine there are any regular Joe’s walking around with one of these things, but Reggie Yates and Vernon Kay have one.

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