Lush explains how important loyalty is to them as a brand

Lush explains how important loyalty is to them as a brand

Lush has become a rising star in bath and body care, and with their sales consistently rising they are definitely at the top of their game. They have been experiencing a pre-tax profit jump of 75% and a sales rise by 26%.

Their North American subsidiary is especially growing as the business is quickly approaching 1,000 stores globally. They are also easily overtaking The Body Shop in the UK market.

But, Lush can always thank their dedicated customer base for their success, which has grown over the years due to the appeal of a brand that creates products that don’t only smell, look and feel amazing, but are also created ethically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Thanks to the dedicated support of the company that now has almost four million Instagram followers. Which is why they’ve decided that they want to begin a whole new load of services and rewards that only benefit their customers.

In August, Lush launched a brand new subscription service for bath bombs that lets you customise your selection and decide how often you will receive bath bombs – so you never have to run out. They have plans to roll out even more subscription services in the coming years, as well as a decision to introduce more fan club programmes.

Lush believe that building loyalty doesn’t solely revolve around offering discounts but also includes moments for staff to be able to spend more time on the floor talking to customers – which is another addition to the massive appeal that shopping at stores holds for fans of the brand.

All of this spells continued success for the brand, as they keep sticking to the formula that has kept them popular for so long – caring about not only their customers, but the world around them as well, and what effect their products can have.

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