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The KFC Clean Eating Burger…Everything you Need to Know

If you haven’t heard the term ‘clean eating’ by now then you really need to question where you have been these past couple of years because, to be frank, it is everywhere. Of course, leading a fulfilled lifestyle does mean clean eating is important – if you want to remain in good health, but are today’s day and age forgetting that it’s all about balance? If you can’t have a slice of cake or some cheesy chips once in a while then what even is the point? KFC certainly seem to think that clean eating is important and have launched their very own clean eating burger, a new and exciting option for those that would like something a little less calorific when paying a visit to the colonel. But is everything as clean as it seems?

The advert for the clean eating burger begins with Figgy Poppleton-Rice a clean eating chef that is going to show us how the clean eating burger is made and the ingredients that it contains. First things first; the bun. Out with the old, carb-packed, glutenous bread bun and in with the new cauliflower bun. The head of the cauliflower is basically sliced in half to create the same effect as a round burger bun, similar taste, a fraction of the calories. Now for the filling. Of course, KFC wouldn’t be KFC without the chicken, but rather than the southern fried kind they are so famous for, Figgy boils a chicken breast and then proceeds to ‘spiralise’ it (a popular chopping method used amongst food bloggers and clean eating chefs) so that we have perfectly succulent shredded chicken to go on top of our cauliflower. The chicken is accompanied by some kale (cos, clean eating) and topped with some unsweetened almond yoghurt for you know, a little extra flavour. If you’ve realised something is missing then you don’t miss a trick. Of course, a burger isn’t a burger without some relish (unless you’re weird and don’t like it) and the clean eating burger is no exception to this rule as figgy applies a little ice cube relish on the top of the filling. She proceeds to advise viewers that for best results and that ‘extra crunch’, ice cubes should be kept in the freezer…and if you haven’t clicked already, this is when you will realise that the whole thing is just one massive wind up. Clean eating? At KFC? How foolish you all have been.

Made you look though, right? The advertisement for the ‘clean eating burger’ is actually KFC’s weird and wonderful way of introducing the new Dirty Louisiana a burger totally full of all the good (or bad?) stuff and the complete opposite to Figgy’s clean eating masterpiece. To really get your juices flowing, the Dirty Louisiana contains 1 piece of original recipe chicken, topped with a hash brown, cheese, Supercharger cheese sauce, black pepper mayo, Deluxe bbq sauce, lettuce and gherkins served in a chargrilled bun. Better? We thought so.

Despite the huge joke, a lot of people didn’t seem to get the memo and have taken to social media to express their utter disgust towards the clean eating KFC burger. How people ever thought that ‘ice cube’ relish was actually a thing is a different story for another time, but nevertheless, it seems KFC really did spark some controversy with this prank. However, in terms of creating a totally memorable advert, I think they have definitely succeeded. Have they overtaken Nando’s in the chicken advertising stakes?! If you would like more totally ironic clean eating recipes to get your knickers in a twist about, why not visit the official Figgy Poppleton-Rice

If you would like more totally ironic clean eating recipes to get your knickers in a twist about, why not visit the official Figgy Poppleton-Rice Instagram where she brings more healthy, low carb, low calorie, dairy and gluten free recipes to the table for you all to try.

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