How To Get A Tesco Clubcard

If you’re thinking about applying for a Tesco Clubcard but are unsure how to start you can read the guide below to find out how to get one. Tesco is a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom that also provides finance, mobile and photo services as well as a magazine which includes recipes.

What Is The Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard is the Tesco loyalty scheme that allows customers to collect points when buying food, fuel, clothing and other Tesco purchases. Once you have collected more than 150 points can be turned into £1.50 vouchers which can be used on your shopping as well as with Tescos reward partners. You can find out more about Tesco reward partners by going to the Tesco website or by calling the Tesco Clubcard contact number using the number listed below.

How To Get A Tesco Clubcard

You can easily sign up for a Tesco Clubcard by going to the Tesco Clubcard website and selecting the ‘Join’ button which you will find on the home screen. Once you are on the Join page, to start the signup process you will need to enter your email and set a password. After you have completed this information you will then need to select whether you have a Clubcard and would like to register the card or if you do not have a Clubcard and would like to be sent one. If you do not have a Clubcard you will need to provide your full name and address and you will receive your Clubcard in the mail within 2 weeks. If you have picked up a Clubcard at your local Tesco store you will need to enter your Clubcard number which can be found on your Clubcard as well as your full name and address. After you have entered the relevant information regarding whether or not you already have a Clubcard you will need to enter your marketing communications options, these options allow Tesco to determine what Tesco services and store you would like to be contacted regarding, if you do not want to be contacted regarding any Tesco offers or services you can simply untick the option. Once you have entered all of this information you can then finish your Tesco Clubcard application and start earning Clubcard points!

Tesco Clubcard Contact Number

If you have some inquiries regarding the Tesco Clubcard services you can call the Teso Clubcard contact number on 0330 123 4040. You can call the number if you have experienced some issues using your Tesco Clubcard, you have experienced some issues signing up for a Tesco Clubcard, you have not received your Clubcard in the post, you believe someone else is using your Clubcard account, you have had some issues using your Clubcard vouchers in-store, you have some questions about data protection, you would like to inquire about some of the reward partners, you have some inquiries about logging into your account, you need to change your password or other account information or if you have some alternative inquiries or issues regarding Tesco Clubcard that you would like to discuss with a member of their team.