How Much is Morrisons Delivery?

Morrisons was one of the last major supermarkets to start offering home deliveries a few years ago. There is a minimum spend of £40 when you order online shopping from the Morrisons website for home delivery. You can choose your one-hour delivery slot up to 21 days in advance, depending on availability. There are different rules during the Christmas period when there is a lot more demand for home deliveries on specific dates. Morrisons allows customers to place one-off orders for home delivery or to subscribe with a monthly payment for fixed periods of 1, 6, or 12 months. Read this guide to learn more about pricing options.

How much does Morrisons home delivery cost?

The cost of Morrisons delivery depends on the time slot that you choose. There are peak times for booking deliveries which will cost more. This is because these convenient delivery slots are in high demand. If you select a less popular off-peak delivery slot, such as late at night, the delivery charge will be lower. Individual Morrisons home deliveries will cost from £1.50 for the cheapest delivery slot up to £5 for the most expensive delivery slot. The average Morrisons delivery price is £3.89. This means that if you do a regular online shop with Morrisons without a Delivery Pass, then the individual delivery costs could add up to £16 a month.

How much is a Morrisons Delivery Pass?

There is another option, of course. The Morrisons Delivery Pass is designed to save you money and time if you regularly order groceries from Morrisons for home delivery. There are 2 types of Delivery Pass, to begin with, and each one has 3 subscription lengths at different price points. If you would like Anytime Delivery, with slots available from Monday to Sunday, it will be more expensive. It costs £8 for 1 month, £40 for 6 months, or £65 for an annual subscription to this Delivery Pass. Alternatively, you can select Midweek Delivery, limited to Tuesday to Thursday slots. This costs £5 for 1 month, £20 for 6 months, or £35 a year.

What is the cheapest Morrisons delivery available?

The cheapest option for a single Morrisons delivery will start at £1.50. This is likely to be a more undesirable delivery slot. The more expensive slots are on evenings and weekends because these are the most convenient times for people to receive home deliveries. The best value option for a Morrisons Delivery Pass is the annual Midweek Delivery subscription. This would result in the biggest savings, with Morrisons calculating that you could save up to £167 on delivery costs in a year according to average prices. Contact Morrisons at any time if you would like to cancel, renew, upgrade, or downgrade a Delivery Pass subscription.