What Gift Cards Do ASDA Sell

asda gift cards

If you’re thinking about purchasing a gift card as a present for a friend or family member and you’re wondering what gifts cards they sell in Asda, you can find out by reading the helpful guide below. Asda is a supermarket in the United Kingdom, it sells groceries as well as clothing under their brand George as well as technology, homeware and various other household items.

Asda Gift Cards

Asda has its own lines of gift cards with over 15 designs to choose from. You can buy an Asda gift card in-store at checkout, self-checkout and scan & go checkout. The cards are reusable which means you can top it up again by going in-store and purchasing more credit to be put on the gift card at checkout. The gift cards cannot be used on the online Asda store, Asda petrol stations, in the concession, stands, on lottery tickets, scratch cards or to purchase other gift cards. The gift cards can hold from £1 to £100.

Branded Gift Cards Sold in Asda

There are over 60 branded gift cards available in the majority of Asda stores. The range of gift cards includes high street retailers such as Next, Debenhams, Pizza Express, Nando’s, iTunes, Vue Cinemas, ASOS and more. Each range of gift cards differs depending on the size and location of your local Asda stores. The gift cards range from £10 to £50 in price and can be redeemed at the stores and restaurants advertised on the individual cards. The gift cards can be picked up in-store and bought at the checkout with any other items you wish to purchase. If you would like to find out what range of gift cards are available at your local Asda store you can call the number listed below to speak to a member of the Asda head office team.

Asda Contact Number

If you’re experiencing a problem with a gift card you purchased from Asda whether it was an Asda or branded gift card you can call the Asda head office contact number on 0800 952 0101 to inquire about the issue or any questions you may have. You can call to find out how to activate the card, to find out how to top-up your Asda gift card, to find out the full range of gift cards available at your local Asda store, to inquire about an issue you’re experiencing with a gift card, to find out how much the gift cards are worth, to find out when your gift card expires, to complain about an experience with an Asda gift card or about any other topics regarding a gift card bought in Asda that you wish to discuss with the Asda head office team.