Does Tesco Accept Apple Pay?

Though the Tesco Pay+ app allows frequent Tesco customers to pay for their shopping with a smartphone, Apple Pay is a more widely used option. Contactless card payments have been possible for several years now, but smartphone technology has seen the creation of digital wallets in recent years, too. If you have an iPhone, then you can add your debit cards and credit cards to your Apple Wallet. This will allow you to make contactless payments with participating retailers using Apple Pay. Tesco is one of the retailers offering contactless terminals which accept Apple Pay transactions. Tesco will accept Apple Pay in most locations.

How do I use Apple Pay at Tesco?

You can use Apple Pay to buy your Tesco shopping in the same way that you would use it anywhere else. It requires an Apple device with Touch ID such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. You must add the details of your payment card manually or scan the front of the card to fill them out automatically. Your bank may send you a One Time Passcode which you will need to activate the card in your Apple Wallet. After that, you can use your phone to pay at contactless card readers by activating it with Touch ID. Your Apple device may vibrate and the card reader should beep to confirm the authorization of the payment through Apple Pay.

How much can I spend with Apple Pay at Tesco?

Previously, there was a maximum upper limit of £30 for contactless payments. This applied to both cards and digital contactless transactions. The limit aims to protect contactless users from fraud, since it easy to make a contactless payment when you don’t have to know the PIN. However, due to complaints, many retailers removed the £30 limit for contactless payments. Tesco is one of these retailers. Apple Pay requires Touch ID authentication to work, so it is more secure than regular contactless cards. If you pay at Tesco using Apple Pay, then there is no limit for how much you can spend. There should not be any restrictions anymore.

Can I earn Tesco Clubcard Points while using Apple Pay?

If you have a Tesco Bank card, whether it is a debit card or credit card, then you should be able to add it to your Apple Wallet and use it with Apple Pay. This means that you should earn Tesco Clubcard points automatically when you pay with your Tesco Bank card, even with Apple Pay. Otherwise, whichever card you use with Apple Pay, you can use your Tesco Clubcard separately. Just remember to scan or swipe your Clubcard before you pay to make sure that you collect the points for the transaction. The same rules about minimum spending and points earned per £1 will apply when you pay this way as with any other payment method.

Is Apple Pay safe to use in Tesco?

As mentioned, Apple Pay is actually safer to use than regular contactless card payments. This is because the Touch ID feature will require you to unlock your device and verify your identity with your fingerprint before an Apple Pay payment can go through. It means that nobody but you should be able to use your cards to make purchases with Apple Pay. Anyone can swipe a contactless card or enter the PIN if they find it out, but only you can unlock your Apple Pay digital wallet and authorize a card payment with it. Apple does not actually store your card numbers, so nobody can steal your details from your Apple Wallet for fraudulent use.

Can I return items to Tesco if I used Apple Pay?

When you pay with your Apple device at Tesco, you should still get a printed receipt as normal. Retain this receipt if you would like to be able to return items to Tesco in accordance with the standard Tesco returns policy. However, you will need to make sure that you have the physical card with you, too. The customer service staff may require you to insert it into the card reader and maybe even enter the PIN to confirm a refund. Otherwise, the merchant could try to locate the transaction using your device card number. In any case, you will need the receipt as proof of purchase before you can receive an Apple Pay refund from Tesco.