The Alarming Antics of Costco Customers


The Alarming Antics of Costco Customers

Recently, Costco employees confessed to Business Insider about the questionable things they see customers do at their stores. The American retail chain is famous for its warehouse stores, which sell all kinds of things in large quantities. With such a variety of products and people hunting for bulk-buying bargains, employees are likely to witness some interesting events. Most of the amusing stories revolve around returns. However, some of them star unruly animals and children as well as misbehaving adults.

Love and War

One Costco employee saw a part-time employee make out with the food court manager while the store was open. Not only should they have been working in their own area, but customers might have seen them too. Professionalism aside, Costco is hardly the place for romance. In Ontario, Canada, a worker saw customers start a “fist fight” over a sample of cheese. In Florida, an employee saw a Costco member threaten another member with a gun. The dispute was over a handicap car parking space.

Ridiculous Returns

In Ohio, a worker saw a member try to return a 10-year-old vacuum cleaner. Once a 60-year-old lady threw a tantrum when an employee refused to accept a return of an 8-year-old stained mattress. Even worse, somebody returned two toilets they bought online five years previously. The customer had to clean the dirty toilets before Costco took them back. Members managed to successfully return dead trees and other dead plants. Customers often try to return food items they have eaten but “didn’t like.”

Irresponsible Parents and Pet-Owners

Shockingly, a Costco employee in Arizona saw someone leave a baby in their car on a hot day. Meanwhile, a worker in Nebraska has seen children playing the store and car park in winter with no shoes on. In Washington, people often try to sneak their pets into the warehouse store with them. Sometimes, the animals end up using the floor as a toilet. Perhaps in their defence, humans do that too. An employee in Chicago found that someone left a trail of faeces from the clothing department to the actual toilets.

Arrests and Accidents

A Costco employee in San Francisco often sees members who are caught for shoplifting. In Nebraska, shoplifters escape arrest by stealing underwear but leaving their own underwear behind in its place. Someone working on the roof of a Costco in Oregon fell backwards after sitting on the edge. Costco now requires safety bars on the roofs, so this won’t happen again. A worker in Arizona claims to have seen everything within the aisles of Costco, from people screaming and convulsing to haemorrhaging.

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