10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017

2017 is turning out to the quite the year in terms of exciting film releases. We’ve compiled a list of films critics are getting excited about. For more information on any of the films below, head over to the Cineworld website.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Logan

Already in cinemas, Logan is the last venture for the Wolverine. Rated 15, Logan embraces a different side to the Wolverine seen in the previous X-Men films. Hiding in the desert with Professor X, the film is set years in the future, with both Logan and the Professor looking (and feeling) older. Charles is experiencing degenerating brain issues, and Logan is finally facing old age. Hiding in a world without mutants, the duo comes across a small child, Laura, who is seemingly a mutant. The two must get Laura to safety before those looking for her have their way… With extreme violence, swearing and gore, this film might be best enjoyed by fans of the Old Man Logan comics – ready to see Jackman reprise the role he became famous for, one last time.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Release date: May 5th Worldwide

This year is a sure win for Marvel, with over 1/4 of the films released throughout the year belonging to the studio. The second instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy is set to a new mixtape, and follows the original gang on a new adventure, along with the addition of three members in the form of Mantis, Yondu, and Nebula. The latter two seem to swapped sides, judging from the early trailers, however, this could be misleading information. The plot is said to revolve around our favourite Star Lord (Chris Pratt) as he finds out who he truly is.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017
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Get Out

UK Release Date: March 17th

Already in US cinemas, Get Out (Directed by Jordan Peele) has achieved the coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and a staggering $33.4m on its opening weekend. The cast includes  Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams, known for her role as Marnie on the US hit show GIRLS. The film itself is a psychological thriller surrounded by issues of race and class. Kaluuya and Williams are off to see the latter’s family for the weekend. Only later does Kaluuya notice that something is wrong with his girlfriend’s parents, their house, and their friends…

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Thor: Ragnarok

Release Date: November 3rd Worldwide

Another Marvel release for 2017, Thor: Ragnarok is the third instalment of the Thor franchise. Expected to appear in the film alongside Hemsworth is Tom Hiddleston, as he reprises his role as Loki. And Benedict Cumberbatch reprising his role as Doctor Strange. The post-credit scene to Cumberbatch’s “Dr Strange” film last year, saw his character discussing the actions of Loki with Thor. It’s thought this scene will lead on to Ragnarok, with the two superhero’s teaming up to fight. The exact plot of the new film has been kept very close to the chest, however, critics are excited to see how Ragnarok shapes up to the Marvel’s previous releases in the franchise.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017
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Justice League

Release Date: November 17th Worldwide 

The much anticipated Justice League film is to be released near the end of this year. The film sees Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg team up to fight together. Wonder Woman, who is to have her own film release this year as well, also appeared in the 2016 hit Batman Vs Superman, which highlights the tensions between the two superheroes. Justice League will centre around Batman, who months after Superman’s death, bands the Justice League to fight a threat to humanity. Tipped to be a blockbuster to rival The Avengers, Justice League is definitely one to watch out for this year.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017
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Ghost in the Shell

Release Date: March 31st Worldwide

Starring Scarlett Johanson, Ghost in the Shell is an adaptation of the 1995 anime. The plot centres around Johanson’s character The Major, a cyborg created to fight terrorism and cyber hackers. During her work for Hanka Robotics, The Major also comes across a new threat and enemy, who will stop at nothing until Hanka is sabotaged, effectively killing The Major in the process. Can The Major find out who she is and thwart the enemy? Find out on March 31st.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017
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Wonder Woman

Release Date: June 2nd Worldwide

From her first appearence in Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman is being pegged as one of the most anticipated films to look out for this year. Staring Gal Gadot as the superhero, Wonder Woman’s origin story will focus on Themyscira, where Wonder Woman was born and raised and how she finds herself mixed up in human affairs after finding a US soldier washed up on her shores.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Blade Runner 2049

Release Date: October 6th 

Starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, the sequal to the 80’s classic is being kepy very close to the chest in terms of plot. Teasers for the installment can be found online, as can theories on the full plot. Rumour has it that Gosling plays  a Blade Runner who discovers a secre that could destroy society. This secret leads him to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) who will have to help him with his new information.

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Release Date: December 15th

As the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi will reunite with Rey, Finn and BB8 where The Force Awakens left off. The title has baffled fans and left them wanting to know more about the plot and where the film is going. The last jedi could refer to Luke Skywalker, the last known jedi in the galaxy, or the last jedi plural, which could refer to a new era of jedi masters. Either way, this film is pegged to be huge by critics and already has fans in a frenzy from one title image!

10 Movies To Get Excited About In 2017Alien: Covenant

Release Date: May 19th Worldwide

Covenant is the latest in a long line of Alien films. Centered around couples, who have given up their lives to colonise humanity on another planet, the ship they’re on lands up a desolate land with so life to be found, or so they think. Critics are so far unsure whether the film is linked to the blockbuster Promethues, which premiered in 2012. However, Michael Fassbender who stared in the previous film is set to return to the franchise.

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