Anglian Water

  • Business Name: Anglian Water
  • Head Office Number:  0843 816 6807
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm
  • Head Office Address:  Lancaster House, Lancaster Way, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. PE29 6XU
  • Website:

anglican water head office contact number

Anglian Water supplies drinking water to different parts of the UK including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. To find out if Anglian Water supplies you, ring the number above. The company is governed by the Water Industry Act 1991 and is privately run. You can find out all you need by logging into your Anglian Water account. Once you have done this, you will be able to access your current plan and see if any other service is of interest to you.

Anglian Water Connection Numbers

Anglian Water Number
Head Office 0843 816 6807
Complaints 0844 453 0175
Water parks 0843 208 2426
Your Account 0844 453 0210
Saving Water  0843 816 6807
Water for your Business  0843 816 6808

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Anglian Water departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website.We offer a call connection service.

Head Office – 0843 816 6807

You can call the Anglian Water head office to see if your area is supplied by Anglian Water. You can also enquire about the general work done at Anglian Water if you would like more information about them as a company. The main operations at Anglian Water run out of their head office so if you have any questions about your own water supply or want to enquire about any changes that might be happening in the future then the head office number is there to help.

Complaints – 0844 453 0175

If Anglian Water supply your home and you are experiencing problems with your water supply then do not hesitate to get in touch with the complaints number where someone will assist you straight away. It may be that your water is not running clear, you cannot get any water at all, you are having an issue with getting hot water or you are unhappy with the customer service you received from a member of the Anglian Water team. Any issues will be resolved as quickly as possible. If you prefer to have your complaint in writing then please address a letter to the head office address shown in the chart above.

Anglian Water Parks – 0843 208 2426

Anglican Water owns and runs 9 water parks in the UK. The larger parks, such as Rutland Water, Alton Water, and Pitsford Water, all offer great activities for family days out. Many of the parks allow for light fishing, canoeing, cycling, swimming and playgrounds for young children. To plan your visit, or to find out which water park has a facility you wish to utilise, visit the dedicated Anglian Water web page. All of the parks with Anglican Water are majorly accessible for disabled park-goers.

Your Anglian Water Account – 0844 453 0210

Although you can create an account with Anglian Water, you cannot log in directly to it online. You can use this number to create a direct debit, change your address, set up a payment plan and request a meter from Anglian Water. A water meter can be requested if you are already an Anglian Water customer, and can be sent to you within two weeks of your request. A water meter measures how much water you are using and provides information on how to save water in the house or for your business.

Saving Water with Anglian Water – 0843 816 6807

As well as installing a water meter, there are many ways to save water with Anglian Water. The company believe that water is the most wasted resource in the world today. Their sianglican water head office contact numberte aims to educate their clients and visitors on how to save water and use it efficiently. Their “drop 20” initiative aims to see people drop 20 litres of water daily from their routine. This can be done by reducing shower time, and only filling the kettle with the amount that you need. For more information on the initiative, you can head over to their website. As well as this, you can also find handy tips on how to save water in general, in and away from home.

Anglian Water for Businesses – 0843 816 6808

If you would like to use Anglian Water for your business, you could find the right tariff for you by ringing the number above or heading over to their website. Through their corporate water strategy, Anglian Water aims to help businesses throughout the UK save water and save on their bills.


How can I log into my Anglian Water Account?

You can login to your Anglian Water account on the dedicated web page. On this page, you will then be able to pay bills and find information on your current tariffs. You will also be able to see any changes to your current plan with Anglian water and see a list of services available to you. You can also apply for other services, and have a member of the Anglian Water team give you a call at a designated time in order to set up a new service for you.

Who runs Anglian Water?

Anglian Water is a privately run company that acts under the Water Industry Act 1991. They supply drinking water to areas across the UK. Their Head Office is situated in Huntington, where you can write to them with any queries you may have. Someone from the Head Office will aim to be in contact with you within 3 weeks of your correspondence. If you waited a month, and no one has been in touch with you regarding your account, or your service request, we suggest you give a member of the team a call on the Anglian Water Phone Number, which can be found at the top of the page.

Does Anglian Water have any graduate schemes?

Anglian Water has graduate schemes in a variety of roles within their company. For a full list of these roles, visit the Anglian Water graduate and job page.

Can I pay online with Anglian Water?

You can pay your Anglian Water bill online via their online service. After logging in, follow the online steps for paying your latest or any outstanding bills. Once you have done this you will receive an email receipt. You can pay online with Anglian Water via direct debit, credit card or PayPal.

Can I set up a direct debit online with Anglian Water?

Yes, you can set up a direct debit with Anglian Water. Simply ring the number above and have your account details handy. Once you have set up a direct debit you will be automatically billed each month for your water supply. If you have an issue or would like to cancel your current direct debit, ring the number above.

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