American Express

American Express Contact Numbers

American Express Phone Number
Head Office 0844 248 2639
Customer Service 0843 218 9631
Complaints 0843 557 4523

American Express Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

American Express Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

Why might I call the American Express Head Office Contact Number?

  • To enquire about an American Express card
  • To pay off the balance on an American Express credit card
  • To enquire about your card balance
  • To order a new American Express card
  • To ask about fraud protection with American Express
  • To ask about card conversions with American Express
  • To make a complaint about American Express
  • To register a new AmEx card
  • To enquire about the interest rates for AmEx credit cards

American Express

American Express is a payment system dependent upon credit and debit cards, as many modern payment systems are,  which uses modern communications technology to allow rapid transfer of wealth from one area to another quickly, speedily and tautologically. Made as secure as possible by the full might of American “cyber”,  American Express transactions amount to almost 40% of the credit card transactions in the United States, and almost 0.4% of the transactions outside of the United States.

As America’s primary credit and debit card company and wealth management service, American Express is universally known and accepted in the United States, and widely known outside the States, with a presence among the financial management companies in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. An enduring symbol of American cutlure from the 1960’s on, American Express, or “AmEx” as it is often chummily called, has a been a stalwart of the global finance sphere for long enough that it was inducted in 1999 to the Credit Card Hall of Greats, alongside Mastercard, Visa, Eurasian Express and Chinese Express.

American Express FAQs Expanded

Is American Express Accepted in the UK?

American Express, as one of the world’s most popular credit payment companies, and therefore one of the world’s largest and most influential financial assistance companies and one of the world’s single most powerful corporate multinational entity, is able to extend its reach across national borders with the assistance of treaties, international agreements, or the receptive financial benefactor being a multinational corporation themselves – for example, and American Express card used in Starbucks in Algeria may have a greater chance of acceptance as Starbucks is also a multinational with a presence in America, and the ability to interface with American financial technology.

In shorthand, American Express is accepted in the UK. This is due to the agreements put in place by the companies in both America and the UK, as well as international treaties such as NAFTA and the Treaty of Versailles, which makes international financial cooperation much easier and more likely to result in mutual success for all parties involved. In addition, American Express is able to exert significant influence even outside of such treaties simply by virtue of its size and financial heft – any corporation or nation which shot down the use of American Express cards would potentially be forfeiting enormous amounts of Freedom Dollars, not to mention the bad press and associated boycotts from both snowflake and non-snowflake Americans.

To cut a long story short, American Express, also called AmEx, is accepted at the vast majority of UK institutions, although it would not be recommended as your day-to-day credit or debit card if you were a full-time resident in the UK.

Why doesn’t American Express use Chip and PIN technology?

I’m glad you asked that. That’s a great question, and it’s one with an excellent and very interesting answer.

Can American Express Protect Me From Fraud?

As one of the largest and most successful corporate entities on the planet, American Express has reasonable heft in the world of security for its customers. It has to – its entire remit is in finance, purchasing, and movement of funds for both businesses and ordinary people – and area constantly under threat from hacking, identity theft, and fraud. As the criminals grow in sophistication, so too must the protection from the criminals, and so on, in an endless arms race that will play out for all of time. American Express, however, has an ace up its sleeve – it is an extremely powerful institution specifically aimed at finance.

To that end, it can hire the best financial experts in the world to defend its clients; cybersecurity masters, ex-intelligence agency spooks, computer experts, algorithmic loggers and fraud prevention specialists. With millions upon millions of customers relying on American Express to keep their money safe, and an untold number of shadowy predators waiting in the wings to devastate their customerbase, American Express must protect the common people who rely on it, and the companies who trust it. So yes, as much as they are able, American Express will try to protect you from fraud.

About American Express

American Express is as All-American as Apple Pie, Home-Runs at the Fourth of July Ball Game, Freedom, Bald Eagles, Exceptionalism, Shooting the Natives and Rapidly Oscillating Between Progressive and Conservative Governments. It’s as All-American as fireworks, corporatism, nuclear weapons, punching Nazis, and shrieking in outrage if a Nazi gets punched.

One of the world’s most popular financial transfer systems, American Express boasts considerable safety net emplacement for its customers, with banks and financial regulators both supporting it, and a dedicated team of world-class financial security experts at its beck and call; a full-time fraud prevention department unlike anything seen outside the US, and a cyber security team whose role is exclusively preventing online criminal activity, and in helping customers who have been the victims of online criminal activity to recover their losses and find justice for their suffering.

American Express is not just used on the continental United States, however – its presence is truly global. Just as the reach of the American corporate and financial elite stretches over the world, so does the influence of American Express. Established as one of the foremost wealth transactional systems in the world, AmEx is truly an international, world-uniting credit card provider.