0844 453 0155

Call  0844 453 0155 and you will be put through to Aldi’s head office where you can discuss Aldi’s products and prices, as well as locate your nearest store.

Aldi Connection Numbers

Aldi Number
Aldi Head Office 0844 453 0155
Aldi Customer Service 0844 739 1553
Aldi HR 0843 596 3348
Marketing 0843 596 3349
Recruitment 0843 596 3350

Aldi Head Office

Call  0844 453 0155 to speak with the Aldi head office. To ensure you are speaking with the right department, the number will take you through to an automated menu so that you can press the number relevant to your request. Press 1) to locate your nearest Aldi, 2) to make a complaint, 3) to discuss any products on sale from Aldi (including Aldi SpecialBuys) and 4) to speak straight to an operator about the Aldi website.

Aldi Customer Service

Calling 0844 739 1553 is the best way to contact your local Aldi’s customer service department. An expert member of the Aldi team will handle the call and will be able to answer any enquiries or issues you might have about an Aldi store you have visited. You can also discuss a particular product sold by Aldi, whether you have seen it in store or purchased it online – please note that in order for the call handler to find the product quickly, it helps to state the product’s name, brand, bar code and batch number. If you have the product’s receipt please also have this to hand when making the call – it just makes getting to the root of the problem a little easier.

Aldi HR

You can get through to Aldi HR by dialling 0843 596 3348 and stating your name and address so that you can be found on the staff database. You can speak confidently to Aldi’s HR department as a member of the Aldi team and discuss an qualms you might have about your job role or ask any questions.


You might have a question or a complaint about an Aldi marketing campaign that you have seen online or on the television and the best way to do this is to call 0843 596 3349. Aldi has seasonal adverts such as their Christmas advert as well as their adverts to promote their Specialbuys which change monthly and sometimes weekly. Please also use this number if you would like to use any of Aldi’s images that you have found online.


To find out about what vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities are available at Aldi, please call the recruitment line on 0843 596 3350. A member of the Aldi HR team will talk you through what opportunities and positions are available in your area, whether that be on the marketing team, on the shop floor, in the Aldi warehouses or up in the head office. To begin the application process, you can fill out a form that you will find online. If you have any questions about this, you can use the above number to talk you through it.

Other Ways to Contact Aldi

Other than over the phone, there are a few alternative ways to contact Aldi such as sending them a Tweet to their Twitter account or sending their customer service team and email.