3 Mobile

  • Business Name: 3 Mobile
  • Head Office Number: 0844 248 2639
  • Opening Times: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, Closed on Weekends, Closed on UK Bank Holidays
  • Head Office Address: Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
    PO Box 333
    G2 9AG
  • Website: http://www.three.co.uk/

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3 Mobile Connection Numbers

3 Mobile Number
3 Mobile Head Office 0844 248 2639
3 Mobile Customer Service 0843 218 9631
3 Mobile Complaints Line 0843 557 4523
Three Store Helpline Number Pending
3 Account Helpline Number Pending
3 Enquiries Line Number Pending

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those 3 Mobile departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service

3 Mobile is a mobile network which operates in the UK and across Europe.

Who delivers for 3 Mobile?
Who owns 3 Mobile?
How do I know when my contract is up?
Complaining about 3 Mobile
Where is the head office?

3 Mobile Head Office – 0844 248 2639

Three likes to focus on being a unique type of network. They were the first network to get rid of roaming charges, so you can now use your Three phone abroad at no extra cost, year-round. They were the first network to make 0800 numbers free from a mobile and the first to introduce all-you-can-eat data. Back in 2003, they were the first to introduce a solely 3G network and they were the first to introduce video calling.

If you are a three mobile customer and you want to contact the 3 Head Office, you can do that easy as pie with a quick call to the number listed on this page. Easy, simple, and as comfortable as slipping into your own bed at the end of a long day, calling the 3 mobile head office contact number will make it easier than it’s ever been to contact the telecomms giant; putting you directly in contact with the best minds currently employed by Three Mobile. The head office is a buzzing hive of activity, a nerve centre in which all the big decisions are made, and all the experts are gathered, wired together like neutrons in the brain, or circuits in a supercomputer. Together, they are there for you, making sure that your problems can be addressed in a way that leaves you smiling and satisfied, maybe even breathing a little harder. It’s a one-way ticket to conflict resolution when you call the Three Mobile Head Office Contact Line, and you can board any time you want, so long as you only want to between 8am and 8pm, from Monday to Friday, and not counting national holidays and bank holidays. The line is there for you whenever you need it, unless you need it at those times, obviously.

3 Mobile Customer Service – 0843 218 9631

In March, Three topped a YouGov poll which assessed the most reliable networks. The network was also rated first for overall network coverage. Three is also the least complained about mobile network in the UK and has a campaign to #makeitright for customers by bringing complaints down to zero. Three customers always get a great internet experience, as there are only 3G and 4G capabilities. The level of consistency with data is so high that Three now carries 45% of the UK’s mobile internet traffic.

It is precisely this dedication to their customers that has helped 3 Mobile reach the spot it’s at today – it is a shining beacon of customer service in a late-stage capitalist world; a world where the little guy is so often trodden on by bigger forces. Not Three though. 3 remembers what it’s like to be the little guy, and it’s here to help you, with customer services departments specially set aside to answer your questions, resolve your issues and fix your problems, 24/7, except bank holidays, weekends, national holidays, and any time between 8pm and 8am.

3 Mobile Complaints Line – 0843 557 4523

If you need to make a complaint to 3 mobile, you can, at any time of your choosing, provided that time is between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday and not at all on the weekends, by calling the phone numbers generously provided on this page by us, Head Office Contact Numbers. You can trust us to give you a number that will connect you to the 3 Mobile Head Office if you type it into a working telephone and then press the “call” button, often represented by an image of a green phone. In fact, it is precisely that trust that can assure you that these numbers will indeed connect you to the Three Complaints Line, instead of to a late-night burger joint or a professional mime agency. As a result, you can complain with confidence, knowing that the numbers you are dialling will have the desired effect!

Once you’ve successfully connected to the complaints department at 3 mobile, you will be asked the nature of your complaint – this isn’t as a means of pressuring you into backign down via the application of labels, however, it’s a way to make sure you speak to the person most qualified to assist you – and you will also be asked to provide your details. That is to ensure that you are really you, and not some fraud attempting to make fraudulent claims, as well as helping ot locate your account, customer details and record to correctly process the complaint, and ensure that you canbe contacted as your complaint progresses in such a way as to allow your inclusion in the loop. Lastly, in the event that you are in need of compensation for your complaint, or you need to take part in follow-up complaining or other procedures, the administration of details allows 3 mobile to get in touch with you and arrange your compensation, follow-up questions, or summons.

Your complaint to three mobile may be due to lost coverage, an overly expensive bill, an unusual financial irregularity in your account, a loss of broadband connectivity, slow internet speed, loss of signal, lost messages, garbled phone lines, excessive spam emails, or a bad experience with previous 3 customer service agents that left you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Three Store Helpline – 0843 218 9631

You’ll find a range of mobile phones on sale via the Three store. You can get top-of-the-range models such as the iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and HTC One G9 as well as budget models like the LG Leon, Acer Go and Microsoft Lumia 550.

3 Account Helpline – 0843 218 9631

You can log in online to your My3 account to see itemised bills, find out when you’re eligible for an upgrade, view existing customer deals, update your contact details and much more. You log in using your mobile phone number and a password which must be at least 7 characters.

3 Enquiries Line – 0843 218 9631

Who delivers for 3 Mobile?

DPD is the courier of choice for 3 Mobile, providing delivery on a next day basis when you order before 4pm. You can also have your order delivered to your local 3 stores for collection the next working day when you order before 4.

Who owns 3 Mobile?

3 Mobile Store
3 Mobile store

3 Mobile is owned by Hutchinson Whampoa as a fully owned subsidiary.

When is my 3 Mobile contract up?

You can check to see when you are due for an upgrade by calling the number on this page or by checking your online My3 account. You’ll see when your minimum term ends, and that is when you will be able to upgrade your device or end the contract.

Where to complain about 3 Mobile?

You can contact 3 Mobile via social media, live chat or the online contact form/forum to make a complaint. If you feel it has not been resolved by the customer service team, you can opt to escalate your complaint to head office by calling the contact number on this page.

Where is 3 Mobile head office?

The 3 Mobile head office can be found in Glasgow. The full address is on the table at the top of the page.

Amazon vouchers

You’ll get an Amazon gift card when you buy a phone from Three, of up to £50. You will also get a £25 gift card when you refer a friend to the network online.

4G Super-Voice

The new 4G super-voice signal is designed to target indoor blackspots. The signal travels much further into buildings so that you can browse the internet, make calls and send texts in places that you couldn’t previously. The rollout of this signal began back in September 2015 and covers around 65% of the UK, with plans to cover the rest over the course of 2016. If you’re a Three customer, you’ll get a notification when the service is coming to your area- just make sure your phone is fully up to date with software so that it can cope with the super signal!

Three Rescue

If you lose or break your phone, not having insurance can be a costly mistake. With Three Rescue, you’ll get worldwide coverage for loss, theft, accidental damage, pet damage, malicious damage and out of warranty breakdown. There’s an app which you can download to back everything up and a next-day replacement guarantee. You can claim online or over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

London Underground Wifi

You can register for free wifi on the London Underground using your My3 Account. It’s available on over 130 stations and is provided by Virgin Media.

About 3 Mobile

3 Mobile is a telecommunications provider based in the UK. The mobile service was launched in the UK back in 2003, on 3/03/03. One year later, Three announced that they were the first network to meet a regulatory requirement of covering 80% of the population in the UK. The first retail stores opened at the time of launch in Oxford Street, High Street Kensington and the Birmingham Mailbox.

In 2010, Three moved into the modern era by launching the iPhone. In 2014, customers became able to make calls and send texts over wifi when they didn’t have a signal. Currently, the function is unable to transfer between wifi and network signal, so if you make a call over wifi and lose connection, the call will be lost.

In 2015, Three’s parent company Hutchinson Whampoa announced that they would acquire O2 in a deal worth £10.25 billion, subject to approval from industry regulators.

For more information about services provided by 3 Mobile, call the head office contact number on this page.