Head Office Contact Numbers

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Sometimes, you may find that you need to get in touch with the head office of a company. This could be because you want to find your nearest store, you wish to enquire about a product or you may want to escalate a complaint about an in-store experience. Getting in touch with the head office of a company means that you will speak to more senior figures, such as the customer service manager or even the CEO. Complaining directly to the head office means that you have decided to escalate your complaint because you have found that it has not been resolved at store level or even by the customer service department.

Some of the more common reasons to contact the head office of a company are:

  • Escalating a complaint that you feel has not been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Finding your nearest store or getting more information about a development which is in progress.
  • To apply for a job or to find out more information about the recruitment process.
  • To get more details about a product which has been recalled.

Contacting the head office of a company is often the quickest way to get your complaint resolved. This is because the company knows that you are taking the complaint seriously and are not afraid to escalate it.

Contacting a company by phone also allows you to share details of your complaint without the fear of security being compromised, unlike complaining via a contact form or social media, as online tools can be hacked. However, you may wish to record your phone call in case of further disputes, as a company may sometimes backtrack on what they have offered you.

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